Heckler & Koch assault rifles as a part of the American SWAT armament

WASHINGTON, (BM) – Initially, SWAT stands for “Special Weapons Assault Team”, but after leaving the same abbreviation, they began to call “Special Weapons And Tactics”.

It is worth noting that there is a police officer SWAT and SWAT FBI, the latter act in case of large-scale problems.

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Main tasks: Rescue hostages, ensuring perimeter security during government visits, rescuing civilians and police during shelling, counterterrorism operations in US cities, support during operations against drug mafia, fighting street riots.

Well, now to the main topic – weapons.


Colt M1911 – self-loading pistol chambered for .45ASP. It began to be produced back in 1911. It is remade and modernized for different tasks.

SIG Sauer P226 – German-Swiss pistol chambered for .40 S&W and 9×19 mm. It began to be produced in 1983, and already in 1988, the United States began to purchase it for the FBI, the police and the coast guard.

HK USP is a self-loading pistol developed by Heckler & Koch. Uses cartridges (depending on model) 9×19 mm, .45ACP and .40 S&W.

To a lesser extent, such pistols as Glock (17 and 19), Beretta 92 (modifications), FN Five-seven are used.

Submachine guns.

Heckler & Koch MP5 – German submachine gun. Designed in 1966. Uses a 9×19 mm cartridge. I talked a little about him in a previous article, it is also used by our FSO.

HK UMP – software from the same company as the past. It is made since 1999. Uses 9×19 mm, .45 ACP and .40 S&W cartridges, depending on version. The weapon was created specifically to offer it to the US police.

FN P90 – Belgian submachine gun, developed in 1991. Uses a 5.7×28 mm cartridge. Used by quite a few special forces of countries.

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Of the main ones are Benelli M1 and M4 – Italian semi-automatic guns. Available since the mid-80s and 90s, respectively. Use cartridges of caliber 12 and 20. Benelli M4 only 12 caliber.

The Remington 870 is an American pump action shotgun, one of the most famous in the world. Depending on the modification, it was produced both for the army and the police, and for athletes and hunters. Uses various cartridges – 12, 16, 20 and 28 caliber, as well as .410.

Assault rifle

M4 – American automatic carbine, created on the basis of M16A2. Uses 5.56×45 mm cartridge. It is made since 1994.

HK G36 – German automatic rifle. Developed in 1997 and used by many countries. Cartridge – 5.56×45 mm NATO.

HK416 – German automatic machine. Pretty much similar to the M4, but the automation and mechanisms are closer to the HK G36. It has been produced since 2005. Cartridge – 5.56×45 mm.

Long-range assault rifles [sniper rifles]

Basically, only two models are used. Sometimes other rifles with a sliding bolt of 0.50 caliber are used.

M14 – American automatic rifle. It is made since 1959. It has many modifications, one of which is used by SWAT. Uses a NATO 7.62×51 mm cartridge.

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Remington 700 – American store rifle. It has been produced since 1962. It uses quite a lot of cartridges of various calibers: .308 Winchester, .223 Remington, .243 Winchester, .300 Winchester Magnum, .338 Lapua Magnum, 7 mm Remington Magnum. Depending on the cartridge, the magazine can hold from 3 to 5 rounds.


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