Top 5 best American assault rifles in the world

PANAGYURISHTE, (BM) – In the United States, where in some states small arms are on sale, the results of last year are summed up. The popular American portal Minutemanreview named the seven best assault rifles of 2019.

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#5 – AR-15 Tactical rifle

Top 5 best American assault rifles in the world
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In seventh place in the ranking is the AR-15 variant from Springfield Armory – Saint Semiautomatic Tactical Rifle. The authors of the portal call this rifle an excellent choice, regardless of what type of shooting its owner practices. Good accuracy is achieved thanks to the 16-inch chrome-nickel barrel with a melonite coating. Barrel twist (rifling pitch) – 1: 8.

Melonite coating (the so-called dry lubricant) doubles the survivability of the barrel channel compared to the uncoated version. Details of the trigger mechanism have a nickel-boron coating and are micropolished. All this makes pulling the trigger very smooth and allows you to fine-tune the trigger. Separate parts of the weapon (pistol grip, stock and forend) are made of polymers. The modular fastener system M-LOK allows you to mount any additional accessories.

#4 – FN SCAR 17S combat assault rifle

Top 5 best American assault rifles in the world
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Perhaps the FN SCAR was one of the first adaptive rifles (Bushmaster coined the term when it was working on ACR). The main requirement when creating the FN SCAR was high ergonomics. The controls of this weapon can be equally well configured for both left-handed and right-handed people.

Already in the stock version, the weapon has a lot of devices for attaching various accessories (more than any other weapon in this class). At the same time, SCAR is lighter than ACR or BREN. Many people like how the FN SCAR feels and how it shoots, but the high price of this weapon makes potential buyers still look towards the AR-15. By the way, FN SCAR is the most expensive weapon in this rating. In addition, there are not many FN SCAR spare parts available on the market, so you cannot build it yourself from scratch. Overall, the FN SCAR is good for big budget shooters who are looking for full-fledged weapons that don’t need improvements.

#3 – Faxon Firearms FX5510 tactical rifle

Top 5 best American assault rifles in the world
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This rifle, equipped with the shortest barrel permitted in the US civilian market, can be purchased without additional permissions. The 14.5-inch rifle barrel is equipped with a flame arrester, which increases its total length to 16 inches. This barrel length is ideal for tactical shooting at a distance of 300-400 yards. Using this weapon for accurate firing at a greater distance is difficult.

The match barrel of this rifle is designed for .223 Wylde caliber, the weapon is equipped with a hybrid chamber, so it can work with .223 Rem and 5.56 mm caliber cartridges.

The creators tried to minimize the weight of the weapon. The FX5510 was equipped with a 15-inch carbon fiber fore-end and a lightweight slide frame. The rifle weighs just 5.96 pounds (2.7 kg) – that’s enough to run and shoot for hours without getting too tired. However, on the forearm there is no Picatinny rail, which makes it difficult to install mechanical sights on this rifle – perhaps this is done to save weight. The rifle is equipped with a HiperFire EDT3 Trigger trigger, which provides a clear click and allows you to adjust the trigger force, which is ideal for sports shooting.

#2 – DDM4V11 rifle

Top 5 best American assault rifles in the world
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DDM4V11, which the authors write about is nothing more than an ideal combination of price and quality.

The authors of the rating found several good reasons to put this rifle on second place:

  • ease of use. For this reason, the rifle was so quickly adopted during the Vietnam War. The ordinary soldier needed very little time to master this weapon;
  • reliability. This was not always the case – the first AR-15 models often gave delays. Since the beginning of its creation in the late 50s, the design has been constantly improved, and modern AR-15s are reliable even with the minimum required maintenance;
  • modularity of the system. As a result, the rifle is easy to operate and reliable;
  • wide upgrade capabilities. The modular design allows you to configure, repair and upgrade any rifle assembly.

Thus, the AR-15 is suitable for any situation and is a real Lego weapon, allowing you to make a very convenient and reliable weapon with individual settings.

#1 – Bushmaster ACR 3 automatic rifle

Top 5 best assault rifles in the world
Photo credit: Wikipedia

This is a high-end adaptive automatic rifle, which was created by an American company. The developers of the rifle decided to construct a weapon based on the M16 rifle. But, over time, they created a separate and full-fledged automatic rifle, with its own design features.

At the top, a small part of the receiver is made of aluminum, and at the bottom is impact-resistant plastic. Manufacturers made a rough surface of the case, to increase the reliability of holding in hands.

All controls of the rifle have a convenient location, providing easy access to them, which in turn allows the fighter to take a fighting position in the shortest possible time. Barrel Bushmaster ACR 3 is designed by analogy with those used in sniper rifles. This is what allows them to be quickly replaced. The weight of the rifle is 3.18 kg. At a distance of up to 500 meters, aiming is guaranteed. The store is designed for 30 rounds. The main disadvantage is the cost is too high compared to weapons of the same class.


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