Israel carried out large-scale air strikes on pro-Iranian militants in last 24 hours

DAMASCUS, (BM) – As a result of airstrikes on the positions of pro-Iranian militias in eastern Syria on Sunday, June 28, nine people were killed, learned citing news agency EurAsia Daily.

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The air raid, which, as in all previous similar cases, Israel is supposedly standing for, became the second in the last 24 hours. This was announced on Monday by the Pan-Arab newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat, citing data from the London-based non-governmental organization Syrian Observatory of Human Rights.

Local sources say that Israel is probably behind the attacks near the Iraqi border, which occurred several hours after six members of one of the Iranian-supported groups died in a similar raid. According to Syrian Observatory, the militias killed during Sunday’s airstrikes were mostly Iraqi citizens.

As reported by, the command of the Syrian army on June 23 responded to attacks by the Israeli Air Force in the southern, central and eastern regions of the Arab Republic. In Damascus, it was stated that Israeli aircraft hit the army post in Salamia and the command center of government troops in the city of Sabura in the province of Hama.

This happened a few hours after rockets fired by Jewish state aviation hit military targets in the province of Deir al-Zor along the border with Iraq and southern Syria, near the border with Jordan. According to local sources, all pro-Iranian militias and directly Iranian “military advisers” were at all sites and positions attacked by Israel.

The Israeli side in such cases has traditionally refrained from any comments, neither confirming nor refuting reports of air raids in Syria.

The head of the operations department of the General Staff of the Israeli Defense Forces, General Aaron Khaliva, said in an interview with Walla news agency on April 29 that Israeli “secret operations” against Syria are continuing and they have become much more successful in achieving the main task – the withdrawal of all Iranian forces from the Arab Republic.

Three days earlier, on April 26, at that time, Israeli Defense Minister Naftali Bennett warned that his military was ready to take “urgent measures in Syria.” “We have moved from a policy of blocking Iran to its ousting from Syria,” said the former head of the military department.

Recall, starting in 2011, Israel launched hundreds of attacks on Syria, most of which were directed against Iranian-supported formations of the Lebanese Hezbollah movement.

In recent months, Israeli aviation has stepped up attacks directly against the Iranian military presence in Syria, including in the Damascus area.

The main topics the Iranian – Israeli conflict

The speeches of officials and media publications of both countries constantly touch upon the same range of issues on which a mutual hostile position is based.

On the Iranian side, there are accusations of the illegitimacy of Israel as a state to which, according to the Iranian official position, Jews, in principle, have no right, since they are not a people, but a religious denomination.

The Iranian side rejects the very assertion that Palestine is the homeland of the Jews that underlies Zionist ideology; according to one version, modern Jews, unlike the Arabs, are not descendants of Abraham, according to another, they lived in the Promised Land for only a short time in the era of David and Solomon, while the Arab presence there has continued uninterrupted for 2500 years.

The creation of Israel can be seen as a manifestation of the imperialist policy of the West towards the Muslim East – including as a continuation of the policy of the Crusades – or as a result of the “falsification” of the Holocaust.

Iranian officials and the press are constantly accusing Israel of destroying and desecrating Muslim shrines. Iran has long accused the “Zionists” of setting fire to the Al-Aqsa Mosque in 1969 [in fact, the Christian from Australia, Michael Dennis Rogan, who was declared insane by the court, carried out the arson].

When a tunnel was opened for tourists along the base of the Temple Mount in September 1996, which caused riots among Palestinians, the Iranian Foreign Minister called the tunnel “a desecration of Muslim shrines” and a “prelude to the destruction of places important for Islam in Jerusalem.”

Similar accusations were made by MP Ebragim Baisalami and Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Velayati, who voiced them at a UN Security Council meeting.

The Iranian leadership and the press also accuse Israel of the US taking a tough anti-Iranian position [including on the development of the nuclear program] under the influence of Israel itself and its friendly Jewish lobby [similar ideas about Jewish influence on the American media adhered to time and Pahlavi, who considered any criticism of Iran in US newspapers as Israeli intrigues].

The Iranian press has also become traditional in the motives of Jewish secret control over the whole world, in particular, the emergence of Marxism, the publication of “Satanic Poems” by Salman Rushdi and the release of Hollywood movies about the Holocaust are explained by the Jewish conspiracy.

Israeli sources, for their part, talk about Iranian expansionism, the support of terrorist organizations and the nuclear threat from Iran.

Any conciliatory gestures on the part of the Iranian authorities either go unnoticed or are perceived as a lulling vigilance tactic.

In addition to the immediate threat of Iran’s nuclear arsenal, Israel also fears that this will lead to the rapid and uncontrolled proliferation of such weapons in the Middle East region, which is predominantly hostile to Israel.

A separate reason for the hostility of Israeli public opinion towards Iran is the official course of the leadership of the Islamic Republic on the denial of the Holocaust.

For example, when Iran’s new president Hassan Rouhani strongly condemned any Nazi crimes against humanity, whether against Jews or non-Jews, in an interview with CNN, Iran’s official news agency stated that CNN incorrectly translated the president’s speech into English.


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