A legend of automatic pistols still serves special forces around the world

PANAGYURISHTE, (BM) – With regard to reliability and accuracy, the SIG Sauer P226 has become a true legend for almost 40 years of production history and until recently, this model was in service with special units, such as US Navy seals or Special Air Service (SAS) Great Britain.

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Despite fierce competition with polymer-framed pistols, such as the Springfield XD range, the Smith & Wesson M&P range, various Glock models, as well as the Heckler & Koch USP, P2000 and P30 ranges, and P226 steel or lightweight frames alloy always withstood the dignity of comparative tests.

In the 1980s, the P226 pistol was presented for testing by the US Army and went, so to speak, “head to head” with the Beretta model 92FS (adopted as the M9) in a tender for the purchase of a new pistol to replace the well-deserved but outdated Colt 1911 A1.

As a result, P226 has won its place in the arms market segment for the army and police of many countries. And for athletes, military and police, he is one of the cornerstones, without which pistol technology is already unthinkable and we will test one of the latest versions of the 226th – SIG Sauer P226 TacOps.

The weapon comes in a nice-looking black plastic case with the SIG Sauer logo. The package includes four steel magazines with a capacity of 20 rounds 9 × 19r.

Automation pistol works on the principle of recoil of the barrel during its short course. The weapon is equipped with a dual-action trigger with an externally located trigger and a modified Browning locking system with an open cam groove. Locking is carried out by coupling the upper protrusion of its breech section with a cutout in the rear of the window to eject spent cartridges, which is currently typical of many large-caliber pistols of well-known manufacturers.

The overall processing of the gun is very well done. Plasma spraying is applied to the outer surface of the shutter in matt black stainless steel. The frame and its rear projection in the shape of a beaver tail are made of light alloy and have a hard anodized coating.

The approach for the cartridge is polished, which ensures a reliable, without poking, feed of cartridges with all types of bullets.

The weapon has a double-action factory trigger with amazingly good characteristics. When cocked, the trigger is dry, its force is 1860. This is a very good trigger for weapons used for self-defense, as well as a combat pistol. If the trigger is not cocked, the trigger pull is 4410 g.

The trigger pullback is very short; It is felt clearly, which allows you to quickly and accurately produce a second shot. To do this, use the so-called trigger mechanism with a short reverse stroke of the trigger (SRT – Short Reset Trigger), in which the reverse stroke is reduced by 60%, which allows you to shoot at a very high pace.

The texture of the surface of the handle, as well as the recess under the thumb provide reliable retention of weapons with wet hands, as well as gloved hands.

The weapon is equipped with modern fuses, which include: the internal fuse of the hammer, the safety cock of the trigger and the lever for safe trigger release located on the left side of the frame. All fuses are automatic. This means that immediately after removal from the holster, the weapon is ready to open fire.

The ejector indicates the location of the cartridge in the chamber: in this case, it protrudes from the weapon on its right side. The barrel with a length of 112 mm is made of high-strength special steel.

An open sight with three points applied ensures a quick capture of the target. The whole and front sight are fixed in the dovetail grooves, allowing for adjustment in the horizontal plane. Correction in the vertical plane is carried out by changing pillars and flies of various heights.

In the front lower part of the frame there is a picatinny rail. At the bottom of the receiver of the P226 TacOps pistol magazine there is a funnel-shaped extension that facilitates the quick replacement of the magazine with a thick rubber cover with a capacity of 20 rounds 9 × 19 (also the P226 TacOps is available under the cartridge .40 SW and .357 SIG.

During the firing, the P226 TacOps did not reveal any weaknesses. When using all available types of ammunition and all stores delays in firing were noted.

The return spring is precisely designed for weapons and significantly reduces recoil force. Combination with a trigger having a short reverse stroke, contributes to the accuracy of shooting and provides small gaps between shots. Pistol shooting is comfortable.

An open sight with three luminous dots placed at the disposal of the editorial office of the magazine had a factory sighting “in the center”. Shooting cartridges flew to the right in the direction of “4-5 hours” and, depending on the type of equipment, fell to the ground at a distance of three to four meters from the shooter.

Test firing from the P226 TacOps pistol was conducted from a distance of 25 m using a full-time open sight with factory settings. The best result with a dispersion diameter of 25 mm was obtained using serial Magtech cartridges equipped with a shell bullet with an expansive cavity weighing 115 g. This result can be described as excellent. More accurate data on the results of test firing are shown in the table.

When using a pistol as a sports weapon, you can think about a certain refinement of the trigger mechanism. It has good factory characteristics and you can completely do it completely, at least when using weapons for self-defense (including hunting) and in the dynamic disciplines of sport shooting competitions.

After shooting several hundred rounds of any signs of wear on the barrel, frame and slide guides were not found. All tolerances remained within normal limits.

It should be noted that the P226 TacOps pistol has the minimum tolerances that are necessary for the reliable operation of all its components and mechanisms, which, in principle, is not typical for weapons of this price category, produced in large quantities.

The work of the shops was impeccable. After the firing of all the cartridges, the bolt was put on the bolt delay using a hook. When the latch button is pressed, the stores freely, under their weight, were removed from the mine and fell to the ground.

A wide shaft with an expanded funnel-shaped lower part provides quick replacement of the magazine, which, falling into the shaft, slides in it like on a slide. The ease and safety in handling the P226 TacOps makes it the best suited for the dynamic disciplines of sports shooting competitions.

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