US produces perhaps the most expensive sniper in the world with unique sight

WASHINGTON, (BM) – TrackingPoint XS1 sniper rifle costs 15 thousand dollars – you are unlikely to have to pay more for a firearm, even if you are planning to buy an old gun [only museum ones can be an exception], learned

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TrackingPoint specializes in digital sights that can make a sniper out of anyone.

The rifle was released for sale in the USA in 2013. It can be purchased in three versions: XS1 8.6 caliber with 35x zoom; with it, you can very accurately hit targets located a kilometer away from you; the lightweight version of XS2 with a caliber of 7.62 mm with 30x zoom and with a range of accurate firing is slightly smaller, and the “tiny” XS3 with a caliber of 7.62 mm with the same 30x zoom with which you can count on getting up to 780 meters .

The main thing with TrackingPoint XS1 is to see the target and click on the button. After you press the button, the target will be marked with a red mark in the sight; after that, the blue crosshairs of the sight will remain aligned with the red mark. When the match is enough to hit, the cross from blue will turn red and the rifle will fire.

The rifle itself decides when to shoot: with a laser, it measures the distance to the target, makes a correction for the wind, calculates angles, analyzes air humidity, takes into account the Magnus effect and radar data that indicate the movement of the target.

Combining all these data with the parameters of the weapon – the length of the barrel, the speed of the bullet, etc., the weapon decides to shoot.

The new US Army assault rifle M16

Americans love their homeland, and are extremely jealous of foreign innovations, even in the field of weapons. But against all odds, this rifle was able to truly sink into their souls!

The HK-416 rifle is a development of the German company Heckler & Koch, created in the mid-00s. The rifle is based on the American platform M4 / M16, but with fundamental differences.

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Initially, the Germans planned to create only a plug-in module with a reliable system. The module could be installed on any M4 / M16 format rifle. However, soon, the company began to produce its own full-fledged weapons. The controls, stock and store are similar to American carbines.

Later, new versions of the rifle appeared, including the short HK-416C, sniper HK-417 and many others.

The HK 416 rifle is highly accurate, modular and ergonomic. The weapon has a soft recoil, and due to light alloys, has a low weight.

Due to the gas piston, improving the descent and the barrel, the rifle has gained high reliability. Mounted Picatinny rails allow you to equip a rifle with any desired body kit.

Despite the high cost, the rifle has gained worldwide popularity, it is in demand in the armies, police and special forces of Europe, the USA, Russia and many other countries.

A US hi-tech optical sight

Several sources confirmed that on this year the US troops began to put a high-tech super modern optical sight on its semi-automatic snipers, as we reported on June 27.

The new Mark 5HD will replace the older Leupold Mark 4 LR / T 3.5-10 × 40, which originally came with the M110. The M110 rifle should not be confused with the M110A1 manufactured by Heckler & Koch, which is equipped with a SIG Sauer Tango6 1-6 × 24 scope.

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Like all Leupold riflescopes, the Mark 5HD will be manufactured at the Beaverton factory. The Leupold Mark 5HD 3.6-18 × 44 will be coated with FDE and use the Mil-Grid patented reticle. Also, the sight will be equipped with a Leupold Mark IMS mount.

The sight differs from classmates primarily in the small mass [737 g]. The sight is also characterized by high-quality optics with a special coating of DiamondCoat 2 lenses and a Twilight Max HD backlight control system.

Each Leupold riflescope was tested for 5,000 hits on a recoil simulator, where the strength of each hit is 3 times greater than the recoil from a shot in .308 Win caliber. Waterproof, anti-fog, dust and dirt resistant, the Mark 5HD sights are backed by a lifetime warranty.

The US troops tested US SMASH 2000 sight for downing drones in Syria recalls that on June 19 US ground forces at the Syrian base at Tanf have tested the latest SMASH 2000 sight for downing drones.

Similar sights were previously used only by the Israel Defense Forces. US SMASH 2000 was tested in Syria for the first time. “US Special Forces bought this system for use in real-life combat situations,” said Dr. Abraham Mazor, one of the founders of Smart Shooter Ltd.

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The manufacturer of the sights – the Israeli company Smart Shooter Ltd. – Offers a whole line of SMASH sights, which are actually fire control systems [LMS]. Developed in close collaboration with the Israeli army,

The SMASH system allows the shooter to open fire only when the system evaluates the hit on the target as highly probable. Moreover, it takes into account all possible external conditions.

In other words, the shooter first takes aim and fixes [marks] the selected target by pressing the red button on the weapon handle. After that, presses and holds the trigger. A shot is fired only at the moment when the sight “is convinced” of the perfect aiming of the weapon at the target.

However, when a soldier is ready to fire, the system determines whether his target is true, and if the target is “disabled”, SMASH 2000 will not allow to shoot, even if you press the trigger.

“The new sight automates the guidance process and increases the probability of hitting the target from the first shot four times. For this, the principles of display recognition and auto tracking algorithms that were previously used in homing missiles and fire control systems of military equipment are used,” Konstantin Makienko, deputy director of the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies, explained to

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