The Chinese army has occupied the Indian land of Ladakh, Gandhi’s claim

NEW DELHI, (BM) – Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been criticized by opposition leaders of the Indian National Congress for that China has occupied India in Ladakh [union territory of India], learned citing India Today.

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“The country wants to know if China did seize our land in Ladakh, amd why were 20 of our soldiers killed,” said Sonia Gandhi, president of the INC, in a video message.

She also asks when and how the current government intends to return the Indian territory that China, according to her, occupied in Ladakh.

A similar position was voiced by one of the leaders of the INC, Rahul Gandhi. He stated that Beijing would win if Modi’s words that China had not occupied Indian territory would be untrue.

“Prime Minister, speak and don’t be alarmed. You will have to tell the truth to the whole country. Do not be afraid to say that China has seized our land, and we are going to act against them. The whole country is with you,” said Gandhi.

Recall, on June 15, as a result of a clash on the Sino-Indian border, 20 Indian soldiers were killed. Official Beijing, for its part, does not report anything. The Indian press, citing sources in the army, claims that about 40 Chinese servicemen died or were seriously injured in the clash.

China considers Galvan Valley, where the clash occurred, to be its territory. The INC is accusing the Indian government of not rejecting China’s claim to the territory.

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The opposition party cites Modi’s statement on June 19 that the Chinese military did not occupy any part of Indian territory as one of such facts.

India continues to arm itself

As we reported yeterday [June 26 – ed.] India is considering buying Russian tanks on the basis of the Armata platform.

Also, On June 22 India asked Russia to speed up the delivery of the S-400 anti-aircraft missile system [SAM) against the backdrop of worsening relations with China.

The Government of India has begun to fill the gaps in the country’s defenses by stockpiling and completing procurement. The country is preparing for the worst-case scenario, including a war on two fronts, according to the Indian The Economic Times.

On June 21 India decided to increase the power of its Air Force by purchasing from Russia 12 new Sukhoi aircraft and 21 MiG-29s. This proposal was submitted to the country’s Ministry of Defense.

This will be the second batch of 33 new fighters to be purchased by the Indian Air Force after signing a contract for 36 Rafale French fighters in 2016. At the same time, the source did not explain which Sukhoi aircraft are in question. Probably, the Indians will demand the Su-30MKI, which are already in service with the country’s air force.

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However, do not exclude the option with the latest Su-57. Sukhoi already published a report in which it announced the serial production of a 5th generation fighter, as well as its export.

US and Russia are trying to prevent a war between India and China

US President Donald Trump said on June 21 that the American side is negotiating with India and China and is trying to help these countries overcome problems in relations.

“We are negotiating with India, we are negotiating with China. They have big problems,” Trump quotes TASS. He noted that the situation was “very tough” and that India and China had already reached physical clashes. “We will try to help them,” the American leader added.

Earlier same day, a spokesman for the Russian president, Dmitry Peskov, said that Moscow hoped that India and China would show diplomatic and political wisdom in order to prevent new exacerbations.

“Of course, we are worried about this incident, and we hope and are confident that both New Delhi and Beijing will show diplomatic and political wisdom so that they can independently find out wording without interference from any states that will allow them to avoid further such exacerbations,” said a Kremlin spokesman.

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On June 20 India deployed Apache attack helicopters and fighter aircraft in East Ladakh to strengthen its defenses following clashes between Indian and Chinese troops.

India and China deployed military forces along the border between them

China deployed on june 10 a large military group to the border with India, which, in particular, included many tanks, armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles and other armored vehicles.

In particular, on the published frames in several sources, you can see countless infantry fighting vehicles waiting to be dispatched on railway platforms, Type-96 tanks on tractors, as well as the arrival of units at the deployment site.

At the same time, a large convoy of Indian military trucks is heading towards the disputed region. It was published on the Telegram channel “The Last Chinese Warning.”

The situation on the Sino-Indian border has remained tense since early June. The Chinese authorities demanded that the Indian side demolish two dugouts built by the Indian military in Dokalam near the border separating the Tibet Autonomous Region of China with the Indian state of Sikkim and Bhutan.

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Beijing believes that dugouts were built in China. On June 6, Chinese soldiers destroyed the buildings; on June 8, a fight broke out between the soldiers of both countries – there are victims.


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