The US B-21 bomber will be able to break through defense of S-400 missile system

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WASHINGTON, (BM) – The American perspective strategic subsonic bomber B-21 “Raider” is a modern and super-technological variant of the B-2 bomber.

A number of media, citing the Australian Mitchell Institute and a report by US Air Force officials, report that promising US strategic B-21 invisible bombers are invulnerable to Russian S-400 air defense systems. It is reported that these aircraft will be able to freely enter the zone of air defense and remain undetected until the launch of missiles.

The media write that experts at the Mitchell Institute in Melbourne called on the US authorities not to cut funding for the promising bomber program. They calculated that for the effective use of these aircraft against Russia, the Pentagon would need at least 200 of the latest stealth machines.

The American perspective strategic subsonic bomber B-21 “Raider” is a modern and super-technological variant of the B-2 bomber. The new machine has special requirements for survival and stealth. The main focus is on the ability to control the aircraft as a pilot, or in a completely unmanned mode.

The bomber will be executed according to the “flying wing” scheme and will be able to carry on board both existing types and promising weapons. The design cost of one aircraft is approximately equal to 500 million dollars.

The media note that so far no B-21 Raider type cars have been built. Therefore, as journalists believe, all the conclusions of overseas military experts are ordinary speculation.

The F-35 could also be a successful weapon against the S-400

As it became known, in July, an F-35 test fighter should be delivered to Israel from the USA specifically for tests against the anti-aircraft missile system, which is available at the Russian Khmeimim air base in Syria.

That is, the competition is not virtual, but in real combat conditions.

The fight will be interesting – the best fighter in the world [according to the USA] against the best anti-aircraft missile system to date [this is a generally accepted opinion]. This is not even a test, but a test of the combat qualities of an aircraft made using stealth technology, which must overcome the S-400 defense system and prove the superiority of the F-35. A risky venture, but if successful, the United States will receive a kind of “quality mark” for a fighter whose reputation has been tarnished more than once.

And if the fight takes place, then the S-400 will also have the opportunity in real conditions to confirm its capabilities in detecting and destroying a rather complex aerial target. Lightning vs. Triumph – bet on it, gentlemen.

Israel as a “test bench” was not chosen by chance. The combat aircraft of this country periodically inflicts air strikes on Syria, on objects where, as they believe in Tel Aviv, Hezbollah and Iranian military units are located. From the Israeli Nevatim F-35 air base, they can carry out tasks without refueling in the airspace of Jordan, Lebanon and Syria, in most of Egypt and Iran, as well as in parts of the territories of Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

In addition to the B-21, the F-35 also became a bomber – another counterweight to Russian systems

In the United States, the first photographs of F-35A fighters dropping inert nuclear bombs B61-12 in the vicinity of Edwards Air Force Base.

The aircraft capable of using both nuclear and conventional ammunition are expected to be certified in 2023. Having gained such a double ability, the F-35 will be able to use the B61-12 special ammunition.

The F-35 Joint Program Office has released a series of photographs demonstrating tests of aircraft designed for combat use of both nuclear and conventional ammunition (DCA, Dual Capable Aircraft). In the pictures, F-35 fighters drop inert nuclear bombs of the B61-12 type (that is, during the tests, an active nuclear explosion does not occur. This is reported by The Aviationist.

It’s no secret that the F-35A Lightning II in the CTOL (Convetional Take Off and Landing) version, that is, with standard take-off and landing, will be capable of delivering both nuclear munitions and conventional weapons to targets.

It is expected that such a dual ability for the F-35 will be provided by the appropriate software in the modification of the Block 4. It will provide the possibility of the combat use of special B61-12 ammunition.

F-35A fighters in the DCA version according to the plan must pass nuclear certification no earlier than January 2023. However, tests with B61-12 as part of the 461st test squadron (461st FLTS, Flight Test Squadron), which tests all variants of the 5th generation F-35 Lightning II fighters at Edwards Air Force Base, began for aircraft of this type in 2019.


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