The new US Army assault rifle M16 is as reliable as the Russian AKs

PANAGYURISHTE, (BM) – Americans love their homeland, and are extremely jealous of foreign innovations, even in the field of weapons. But against all odds, this rifle was able to truly sink into their souls!

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The HK-416 rifle is a development of the German company Heckler & Koch, created in the mid-00s. The rifle is based on the American platform M4 / M16, but with fundamental differences.

Reasons for creating

American assault rifles M4 and M16 are famous for their workmanship, accuracy and rate of fire. However, they are far behind in reliability and resource reserve.

The reason lies in the gas system “Direct Impingement”, which is embedded in these rifles. In short – powder gases, when fired, return through the tube and push the shutter to reload. The Germans decided to use a much more reliable “Gas Piston” system, in which gases act on the piston, which subsequently pushes the shutter.

Goals and Perspectives

Initially, the Germans planned to create only a plug-in module with a reliable system. The module could be installed on any M4 / M16 format rifle. However, soon, the company began to produce its own full-fledged weapons. The controls, stock and store are similar to American carbines.

Later, new versions of the rifle appeared, including the short HK-416C, sniper HK-417 and many others.

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Rifle advantages

The HK 416 rifle is highly accurate, modular and ergonomic. The weapon has a soft recoil, and due to light alloys, has a low weight.

Due to the gas piston, improving the descent and the barrel, the rifle has gained high reliability. Mounted Picatinny rails allow you to equip a rifle with any desired body kit.

Despite the high cost, the rifle has gained worldwide popularity, it is in demand in the armies, police and special forces of Europe, the USA, Russia and many other countries.

Which assault rifles are in first place in our ranking?

Bushmaster ACR 3 – This is a high-end adaptive automatic rifle, which was created by an American company. The developers of the rifle decided to construct a weapon based on the M16 rifle. But, over time, they created a separate and full-fledged automatic rifle, with its own design features.

At the top, a small part of the receiver is made of aluminum, and at the bottom is impact-resistant plastic. Manufacturers made a rough surface of the case, to increase the reliability of holding in hands.

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All controls of the rifle have a convenient location, providing easy access to them, which in turn allows the fighter to take a fighting position in the shortest possible time. Barrel Bushmaster ACR 3 is designed by analogy with those used in sniper rifles. This is what allows them to be quickly replaced. The weight of the rifle is 3.18 kg. At a distance of up to 500 meters, aiming is guaranteed. The store is designed for 30 rounds. The main disadvantage is the cost is too high compared to weapons of the same class.

AK-12 – Among all the weapons in the corresponding category, the best assault rifle in the world is the AK-12. Experts from the Kalashnikov concern and the Izhevsk Engineering Plant took part in its creation.

In its design, it has a plastic butt, due to which the total weight is significantly reduced. The mechanism for reloading can be installed on one side and on the other hand, and this is convenient for use, both right-handed and left-handed.

Without the magazine, the total weight is 3.2 kg. A regular magazine will hold up to 60 rounds, and a drum store up to 95 rounds. Aiming range of 500 meters. In one minute, the assault rifle makes up to 650 shots. A unique feature of the rifle is the ability to perform all necessary actions: to turn the fuse, jerk the shutter and change the store with just one hand.

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The development of weapons began in 2011, and four years later they began to use it in the troops of the Russian Federation along with the new Ratnik equipment. Despite the first position in the ranking, a large number of military were skeptical of this development. Although critics and experts are sure that the AK-12 is the best assault rifles of Russian production at the moment.


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