The latest NATO fighters are deadly for Russian Iskander ballistic missile system

MOSCOW, (BM) – Alliance defense ministers decided to give a common response to “an increase in the nuclear missile threat from Russia.” According to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, member countries of the alliance will purchase fifth-generation fighters, new air defense [missile defense] and missile defense [ABM] systems, including Patriot batteries [Patriot] and SAMP / T, and other advanced weapons.

NATO countries did not respond to the moratorium declared by Russia on military exercises at their western borders. These days, they launched a series of maneuvers in the Baltic, in which more than 30 ships, several dozen units of combat aircraft and helicopters, as well as more than 10 thousand military personnel participate. Such activity, according to Stoltenberg, is due to the fact that Russia allegedly places SSC-8 (Iskander-K) missiles in the European part of the country. According to open data, two brigades with these OTRK are deployed in the Kaliningrad and Leningrad regions. “SSC-8 missiles can be used in two ways, mobile, and difficult to detect. They can reach European cities with a short warning time and lower the threshold for the use of nuclear weapons,” Stoltenberg said, speaking to reporters on June 17.

However, the additional deployment of air defense and missile defense forces and equipment in Europe is symbolic. American Patriot anti-aircraft missile systems are in service with Germany, Greece, Spain and the Netherlands. Until 2022, Poland will receive 16 launchers of these air defense systems. They are relatively expensive [one missile costs more than $ 2 million] and does not cover all strategic facilities in their countries. As the experience of the war in the Middle East showed, the likelihood of these missiles being hit by missiles such as the obsolete Scuds was 0.5–0.6. SAMP / T air defense systems are in service with France and Italy. But they are not effective against Russian missiles. The National Interest portal believes that the probability of repelling the Iskander attack by Patriot and SAMP / T systems is at a level of less than 0.1 (that is, they will not even be hit by 10 missiles). So the deployment of air defense – missile defense systems will be costly but ineffective.

But the offensive strike potential due to the acquisition by many countries of the alliance of multifunctional fifth-generation fighter-bombers of the fifth generation F-35 will be significant. They are capable of destroying the Iskander’s calculations even at basing points or at identified combat positions. Here, the probability of destruction for these OTRK by fifth-generation aircraft, if they are not covered by air defense forces and masked, is almost 100%.

Already, F-35, capable of carrying nuclear weapons, is in Denmark, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway and the UK. Their total number is almost 90 units, that is, NATO has already concentrated three regiments of the world’s most modern attack fighter-bombers. In the coming years, the UK plans to bring its F-35 fleet to 138 units. In the coming years, more than 30 fighter-bombers should be procured under contract by Belgium. Until 2024, 32 F-35A Lightning II fighters according to the agreement signed in January this year. The contract will be shipped from the USA to Poland. There is a certain likelihood that Washington will forgive Turkey the purchase of Russian anti-aircraft missile systems S-400 – and still begin to supply this country with new fifth-generation aircraft. They are also expected to be many: according to previously concluded agreements in the USA, about 100 F-35A units were ordered for Ankara. Note that in Russia, only mass production of the promising fifth-generation Russian multi-purpose fighter Su-57 is being adjusted. It is known that by 2028 the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation should purchase 76 Su-57 fighters for arming three aviation regiments.

“From a military point of view, NATO’s emphasis on developing its own strike aircraft is justified. Why defend yourself if you can attack? At the same time, missile weapons are also planned for use“, military expert Vladimir Popov told NG. The Russian General Staff is still concerned about the actions of the North Atlantic Alliance and the United States in creating the American missile defense system in Europe. NATO is building up its missile defense infrastructure in Poland and Romania. “Tomahawk cruise missiles aimed at Russia can be deployed on missile defense launchers.”

The expert drew attention to the fact that the Nordic Monitor news site, controlled by the non-profit Swedish organization Nordic Research Monitoring Network, recently published a message that the General Staff of the Turkish Armed Forces was developing a plan for the invasion of Greece and Armenia. “The corresponding secret document was found in the materials of the case on the attempt of a military coup in Turkey in 2016, where the investigator mistakenly included him,” the newspaper writes.

“Armenia is an outpost of Russia’s interests in Transcaucasia. And that is precisely why the Russian military base is located there. I do not exclude that such documents were developed within the framework of NATO projects and Turkey and other countries actually planned and plan to fight against the Russian Federation. The Caucasian direction after the events of August 2008, when South Ossetia and Abkhazia became independent, is also dangerous for Russia,” Popov believes.


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