Turkey is increasing its military strength in Syria to challenge Assad’s Army

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ANKARA, (BM) – Turkey revealed its intention to increase its military strength in Syria, under the pretext of responding to the attacks of the “Syrian regime”, and announced that it is continuing its initiatives as a pivotal country in Idlib, and its adherence to not losing the gains it achieved there.

This came in a statement published by the Presidency of the Republic of Communication, on Tuesday evening, on its official account on Twitter under the title “Why is Idlib important for Turkey?”, accompanied by a video prepared for Idlib.

In its statement, the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey said that it has made great gains in protecting civilians, stemming the flow of refugees and combating terrorism.

The video, which includes clips about the events taking place in the Idlib area, and scenes from the operations carried out by the Turkish forces there, confirm that “Turkey is the most important party to solve the internal war in Syria, which is nearing its tenth year.”

The video also stressed the claim that “Turkey is the country hosting the most refugees in the world, as well as the most affected by the internal war in Syria, which is linked to land borders of 911 km.”

They stressed that “the regime of Bashar Al-Assad and his supporters who seek to dominate the region by controlling entire Idlib are driven by a desire to keep the Syrian regime in power and eliminate opposition forces, ignoring the extent of Turkey’s vulnerability to the internal war.”

The statement pointed out that “there is no other option for Turkey than to increase its military strength in the region and respond to the attacks of the Syrian regime.”

They continued, “On this point, the great importance of the M-4 and M-5 (between Aleppo-Hama) international land routes linking eastern and western Syria.”

The statement explained that “thanks to the successful military operations carried out by Turkey, we have succeeded in establishing security fully in the areas north and west of these two roads that pass from south and east of Idlib.”

He explained that “the Syrian refugees present in Turkey started to return again to their homes, after Turkey established a safe area, and that on the other hand, Ankara managed to stop the Assad massacres against civilians through talks it held with Russia.”

The statement reaffirmed that “Turkey continues in its initiatives regarding the transformation of Idlib into a permanent safe area in order to achieve a cease-fire with the Syrian internal war, and issues efforts to resolve the crisis and dispel Turkey’s concerns about its national security.”

The video also showed that “the balance of power in the Idlib region is tied to a fragile cotton thread,” adding that “there is the Syrian regime backed by Russia, as well as terrorist organizations backed by international forces, and the Free Syrian Army supported by Turkey, along with some other groups.”

They pointed out that “the end of the ceasefire, which came into effect under the agreement reached in Moscow on March 5, may turn into a reality at any time.”

The statement concluded, “Therefore, Turkey will continue its presence in Idlib as a pivotal country in the endeavors to confront any war that may move to its borders, to prevent the transfer of terrorist activities inside Idlib, and not to lose the gains that have been achieved, and to address any attempts that would open the way to a new humanitarian crisis, and to find solutions Political, and to achieve lasting peace in the region. “


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