Russian pilot revealed interesting details of the latest MiG-35 tests

MOSCOW, (BM) – When testing the latest MiG-35 fighter, a huge number of aircraft parameters are checked, and flight tasks sometimes amount to about 30 points, test pilot of the Russian MiG aircraft building corporation Dmitry Selivanov said in an interview with RIA Novosti, learned

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“For each flight, as you understand, there is a task that is discussed with the engineering staff, so liberties are not allowed during the tests, but I admit, sometimes I want to go a little beyond the limits, feel it, because the machine is maneuverable, cool. But tasks are more often just so voluminous that you only fly on it, since the fuel supply for pranks may not be enough.During test flights, afterburner engines are often used. These flights are both physically loaded and emotionally, since in addition to the flight itself, you need to track a lot of different parameters,” said Selivanov.

According to him, the MiG-35 is a very convenient machine for the pilot. “The plane helps you all the time, and its user-friendly interface tells you how it will be better in a given situation. Roughly speaking, if you buy a phone or other gadget, you don’t read the instructions, but immediately start using it. That’s the same in MiG- 35, everything is intuitive. Any modern aircraft, in particular the MiG-35, is like a high-tech gadget, which has a lot of functions, but you can understand them without instructions,” said the agency’s interlocutor.

Flight missions are developed in conjunction with engineers, they spell out everything that needs to be checked in flight.

“Be it navigation or weapon control systems, or radio communications, and so on. It happens that during test flights you need to find a target, destroy it, or, conversely, hide from someone. There are many different types of flights. For pilots, this is one of the most interesting types of work,” the pilot explained.

Answering the question of how many points a flight mission usually counts, Selivanov said that “there are 30 pieces, there are fewer.”

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