The unmanned mode of Su-57 fighter jet is a breakthrough, expert said

BEIJING, (BM) – Russia has made a breakthrough in the development of the fifth-generation fighter Su-57 when it experienced an unmanned flight mode, reports citing an expert from the Chinese portal Sohu. He [the expert – ed.] also writes, that the United States at the same time is losing “one plane after another.”

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“When the F-22 fighter crashed, the main enemy of the United States, on the contrary, received good news. The Su-57 was the first fifth-generation combat vehicle with the capabilities of sixth-generation fighters,” RIA Novosti reports the expert’s words.

The author of the article writes that the most important characteristics of sixth-generation fighters will be the possibility of unmanned control, as well as the combat effectiveness of artificial intelligence, which will increase the mobility of aircraft, which are now limited by maximum loads for humans.

“All fighters currently existing in the world can perform maneuvers with an overload of up to 9G, otherwise the pilot may lose consciousness and lose combat effectiveness,” the article states.

The author notes that the current tests of unmanned technologies on the Su-57 concerned only simple operations: takeoff, landing and flight in normal mode, and the pilot was in the cockpit and could intervene in control. Such a system will only reduce the flight load on the pilot.

The expert noted that while the United States is not too concerned about the breakthrough of Russian aircraft manufacturers, however, these tests give a signal to other countries that it is already possible to replace the pilot on some tasks.

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“The use of artificial intelligence in piloting combat aircraft has already become a historical trend,” the author noted.

He also encourages China to develop this technology on its fighter jets.

In May, American media expressed concern over the development in Russia of a drone based on the fifth-generation fighter Su-57. Recall that earlier the fifth-generation fighter Su-57 worked unmanned during testing.

The Su-57’s unmanned mode. recalls that on May 16 the latest Russian fifth-generation fighter Su-57 fulfills an unmanned mode during the tests.

“An unmanned mode is being developed on the basis of the T-50 flying laboratory. The pilot is in the cockpit during the flight, but only controls the performance of all functions,” the source then told

The state test of Su-57 fighter.

About two weeks ago the fifth-generation fighter Su-57 passed latest state tests, confirming all the specifications laid down. This information was announced officialy on May 20 by Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov in an interview with RIA Novosti.

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“During the tests, the Su-57 confirmed almost all the requirements of the tactical and technical specifications in full. The state contract for the supply of 76 aircraft to equip three aviation regiments of the Aerospace Forces is being carried out in accordance with the delivery schedule,” Yuri Borisov said then.

The Su-57’s crash. recalls that on December 24 the Russian Su-57 fighter jet crashed at Khabarovsk Territory during test flight.

The reports say that the fighter was tested by the manufacturer.

According to the latest information then, the pilot who piloted the fighter managed to eject, after which he was discovered by a search and rescue squad.

According to updated data, the fighter fell about 120 km from the runway of the Dzemgi airfield. This is a joint air base of state and experimental aviation (KnAAZ) in Komsomolsk-on-Amur.

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About Su-57 fighter jet

Su-57 (formerly PAK FA, experimental name T-50) is a fifth-generation Russian fighter designed to destroy all types of air, ground and surface targets. First flew in 2010. The combination of high maneuverability with the ability to perform supersonic flight, as well as a modern complex of avionics and low visibility provide the Su-57 superiority over competitors.


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