Ankara sees a problem in the US presence in the Black Sea, an expert notes

ANKARA, (BM) – Last week, a short message went almost unnoticed in the media that said that Turkish refueling aircraft refueled two American bombers in the air during their flight over the Black Sea, as also reported.

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The Turkish Ministry of Defense has notified this event from its accounts on social networks, after which the news appeared on news feeds. This event raises many questions, political observer Barysh Doster wrote in the Turkish newspaper Cumhuriyet on June 3.

“What is the US doing in the Black Sea? Why send military aircraft to airspace over the Black Sea? Does the United States, wishing to be present in the Black Sea, have a permanent base here, trying to circumvent the Montreux Convention on the Straits (1936), to undermine its inviolability, cause the most difficulties for Turkey? Was it by chance that sailors who resisted US initiatives regarding the Black Sea during the Russian-Georgian war of 2008 ended up in Silivri Prison [in Istanbul. – ed.]? Given that Turkey, Bulgaria, and Romania, accessing the Black Sea, are already members of NATO, can the US desire to include Georgia and Ukraine in the [North Atlantic] alliance not bother Russia? And will this pressure on Turkey increase even more? Is not Turkey one of the goals of the USA in the Black Sea? ”, the author lists his questions, emphasizing that the main thing in the current situation is Turkey’s position.

The dilemma between the US and Russia, the Atlantic and Eurasia, military-diplomatic relations and trade relations, energy dependence, Cold War patterns and the modern orientation of the world turns out to be considerable difficulties for Turkey, writes Doster.

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“Ankara is unable to maintain a healthy, stable balance, or manage this dilemma, this tension. For example, Ankara is buying the S-400 air defense system from Russia, risking problems in relations with the United States, facing sanctions, and now it cannot activate this system. Ankara is subjected to economic, political, military, diplomatic attacks by American imperialism, but continues to call the US president a “friend,” saying that relations with the US are at the level of a strategic alliance,” the Turkish expert complains.

In the Syrian issue, Ankara gives a signal either to the United States or to Russia. Meanwhile, Doster notes, diplomacy has no place for heroics, emotions. The main things are the true interests.

“When an event occurs, a problem arises in foreign policy, factors such as strength, time, place, relationship, market conditions, the scale of the problem, the way states act, the style of behavior, and the capabilities of the parties are taken into account. Depending on the scale of the state, expectations, goals, priorities, interests, definition and perception of the threat vary. Moreover, geography is fate, and its significance is also decisive. All this has a great influence on the formation of alliances. Once the common threat disappears, it becomes difficult for the alliance to maintain its existence. Therefore, the alliance begins the search for a new enemy, a new threat. If he cannot find, he creates himself. Changes the definition of a threat or focuses on new elements of a threat,” the political observer argues.

The position of large and medium powers in the world and the region in which they are located, their views on the world and the region are different. Like their relations with the world and the region, priorities, concerns, ways of thinking and behavior, initial positions, pursued policies, chosen strategies. This difference, of course, is related to their scale, state potential, and strength.

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In conclusion, the Turkish analyst cites the words of former Egyptian leader Gamal Abdel Nasser as instructive: “The alliance between large and small states is similar to the friendship of a wolf and a lamb. As a result, the wolf eats the lamb.”


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