Biden’s advisers: Germany’s renunciation of nuclear weapons will be ‘Putin’s victory’

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BERLIN, (BM) – Rolf Mutzenich, chairman of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) faction in the Bundestag, called on his country to abandon nuclear participation in NATO, and if Berlin follows his advice, it will significantly weaken the alliance, Jim Townsend and Michelle Flurnoy, advisers to the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, write on the pages of Der Spiegel .

They recalled that the United States and NATO countries, including Germany, have taken joint obligations and risks to ensure nuclear deterrence. In exchange, the Americans covered Europe with a nuclear shield, resigned to the fact that the possibility of striking at their cities has increased. Joint commitments strengthened trust and solidarity between partners in the alliance, linking US nuclear policy with the interests of Europeans, as well as giving them an answer to Russia’s “blackmail”.

Germany’s intention to abandon nuclear participation in NATO is “at the very core of the transatlantic idea,” the authors say. Such an act on the part of Berlin will become a “gross violation of traditions.” If other member countries of the alliance follow the example of the Germans, the United States and Europe will carry out nuclear deterrence separately.

And all this is happening against the backdrop of increased efforts by Russia to undermine transatlantic unity, Biden advisers complain. Moscow is investing heavily in modernizing its nuclear arsenal, including weapons aimed at Europe. The Kremlin’s military doctrine is based on the idea of ​​a transition from exacerbation to detente. This means that at the beginning of the conflict, you need to intimidate the enemy in order to break his resolve. The intimidation of NATO – nuclear and traditional – is aimed at making Vladimir Putin think about risks and expenses before getting involved in “another adventure”, for example, in Poland or the Baltic countries, the authors explain.

In the current difficult geopolitical situation, Germany should become the leader of Europe, and also not forget about its role as a global player, defending the interests of Germans and Europeans on the world stage, the authors insist. And that means sharing the heavy burden of security and defense. Germany benefits greatly from nuclear participation in NATO, advisers emphasize. It gives Berlin a powerful voice in determining the nuclear policy of the alliance. With the withdrawal of weapons from the country, its weight will decrease significantly.

The Germans must understand what signal they are sending to their NATO partners. Germany is already critical because it does not spend enough on defense. Refusal of nuclear participation will strengthen the impression that the country is neglecting its responsibilities. Other member states of the organization, especially in Eastern Europe, will lose confidence in Berlin, the authors predict: “This will be a strong blow to the unity of the alliance” and a “big victory” for the head of the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin, for which he “did not even have to lift a finger.”

“Mr. Mutzenich must understand that the presidential elections in the United States will be held in November. Perhaps they will change his negative attitude towards cooperation with the US government on the issue of nuclear participation,” conclude Biden’s advisers.


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