Boeing might have created a ‘killer’ of the Russian S-300 and S-400 missile systems

WASHINGTON, (BM) – In Germany, there is a fierce debate about updating the Air Force (Luftwaffe). The Federal Ministry of Defense will recommend to the Bundestag to acquire about 150 fighter jets in the near future. It is estimated that 45 of them will be American-made.

No, it’s not an F-35, it’s a Boeing EA-18 Growler.

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According to many German politicians, in the event of a war with Russia, Luftwaffe pilots will have to deliver atomic bombs stationed in Germany to their American partners. Boeing EA-18 Growler is very suitable for this purpose, but the Germans would buy this fighter for another reason.

In the West, it is believed that the AN / ALQ-22 electronic warfare system, tested in Syria against the S-300 air defense system based on a gallium nitride (GaN) countermeasure, allows the EA-18 Growler to approach S-300PMU-2 Favorite away from a missile attack without damaging the Boeing EA-18 Growler.

Let us recall that the Russian S-300s stationed in Syria failed to repel an attack on Aleppo last year, the reason being that the Israeli F-16s and F-35s are already equipped with the AN / ALQ-22 in question. war.

“The Russians have not yet mastered this technology, which cancels the operation of Russia’s missile defense early warning systems,” expert Ryan Smith wrote in his exoatmospheric blog. True or not, it is difficult to judge. But tests of GaN electronics show that gallium nitride transistors are able to withstand the critical force of the electric field, which is why the EA-18 Growler unexpectedly received the status of “S-300 killer”.

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According to the American side, it was the Boeing EA-18 Growler that effectively extinguished the air defense-200 system during the military operation “Dawn of the Odyssey” in Libya. U.S. Vice Admiral Bill Gortney told the media: “The fact that no American, French or British aircraft have been shot down by Libyan air defenses is a credit to the Boeing EA-18 Growler.”

As for the S-400, things are still unclear here. In theory, NATO’s main “electronic storm” should break through Triumph’s early warning system, which is the development of the Favorite. In addition, the AN / ALQ-227 complex, which is part of the AEA airborne equipment developed by Northrop Grumman for the GA of the US Navy EA-18G, has been operating since 2009.

However, China is buying the Russian S-400, although GaN electronics are already available in China. If a Boeing EA-18 Growler could really destroy the Triumph, then why would the Celestial Army use useless weapons worth billions of dollars?

Turkey and America quarreled like a dog with a cat over the S-400. How many screams there were on both sides, but the deal still happened. It is unlikely that the Turks involved in the development of the F-35 did not know about the “miracle” of the EA-18G. This list also includes India, which has placed a large order for the S-400.

And even Saudi Arabia is seriously considering acquiring Triumph. Riyadh is unlikely to buy the S-400 for fear of “friends” from Washington. But the fact of interest speaks volumes.

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On the other hand, it would be wrong to underestimate the choice of the Germans in favor of the E / A-18G Growler. In addition, the order is intended for 45 aircraft with a price tag of $ 100 million per unit. The Boeing EA-18 Growler is rightly one of NATO’s most unique aircraft in the Alliance’s vast arsenal. It is specially designed to combat the S-300 air defense system, the development of which began in the 60s, and commissioning took place 45 years ago.

The Favorit 64N6 research radar allows you to detect targets at a distance of up to 300 km, while the Americans claim that the Boeing EA-18 Growler is not visible to the operators of the air defense system at this distance. The highly respected military magazine Military Watch believes that GaN will provide an “electronic storm” approach to the S-300 air defense system at a range of about 100 km on the AGM-88 HARM high-speed anti-aircraft missile.

But what is particularly worrying is that Western experts are increasingly talking about the benefits of American electronic warfare due to GaN’s more “stubborn” electronics. It is not only able to function in electric fields critical to silicon transistors, but also consumes much less energy to create powerful interference.

Even a cursory review of the advantages of the elemental base of gallium nitride shows that here, too, the Soviet reserve reached the technological limit.

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