Turkey opposed itself to the entire Islamic world, supporting Libyan GNA

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MOSCOW, (BM) – The Turkish Ministry of Defense issued a statement on the situation in Libya, explaining its invasion of the country with the desire to “form an independent, sovereign and prosperous Libya.” In addition, Ankara, illegally arrogating to itself the waters of the Mediterranean to the detriment of the interests of other countries, said that it ensures the territorial integrity and national unity of all Libyan citizens, without exception, under the guidance and rule of the Libyans themselves.

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However, as you know, Turkey is on the side of the illegitimate Government of National Accord (GNA), which consists of criminals and members of such terrorist organizations as IG, Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Qaeda and other radical Islamist groups. The Libyan public opposes the GNA militants who brought Turkish occupiers to the country and turned it into a stronghold of terrorism. The people support the only legitimate authority – the Eastern Government, as well as the forces of Field Marshal of the Libyan National Army Khalifa Haftar.

Turkish Minister of Defense Hulusi Akar openly declared military support for the GNA terrorists, which is a direct violation of international law and violates the UN arms embargo on Libya. The representative of the Eastern Government of the North African State in the Russian Federation Stanislav Kudryashov explained to the Federal News Agency reporters why President Recep Tayyip Erdogan continues to escalate the Libyan crisis and what goals he pursues.

“Ankara opposed itself to the entire Islamic world, proclaiming itself its leader. The Turkish government is trying to create some religious and educational institutions, to lure teachers from other countries. Such an active position of Erdogan causes irritation not only abroad, but also among local clergy, since everyone perfectly understands where the source of truth and the center of Islamic theology are. For example, in the oldest Egyptian Islamic Academy al-Azhar, in the UAE, in Saudi Arabia, where the holy city of all Muslims Mecca is located,” Kudryashov recalled.

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The expert believes that Turkey’s attempts to appropriate the status of the leader of the Arab world are associated with internal problems in the country. For the same reason, Erdogan is interested in external conflicts.

“There are no serious cultural and religious centers in Turkey, but Erdogan is trying to create them synthetically and artificially. The same can be said about Ankara’s military ambitions,” the FAN interlocutor notes. – “Since Turkey does not live in the best of times from an economic point of view, external projects are being created to pseudo-release some of the Ottoman heirs who allegedly live in Libya. Thus, the attention of society is distracted from real problems. It creates the image of a non-existent external enemy, allowing Ankara to intervene in the internal political affairs of third states, where Turkish priorities and interpretations of internal processes are imposed.”

According to Kudryashov, the militants supported by Turkey are neither the legitimate authority of the North African state, nor the government elected by the Libyan people.

“It is clear that the side that Turkey supports in the Libyan conflict is in power illegally. Members of the PNS are terrorists, respectively, all their power was previously supported by weapons and Islamist gangs, and, in fact, with the help of immigrants from the Islamic State and Al-Qaeda, who were disguised as law enforcement agencies called the “government.” Today, all Tripolitan power is based and even based on the military power of Turkey. But we must understand that Turkey is not the only country in the world that has drones and an army,” the diplomat recalled.

He gave examples of influential representatives of the Arab world and emphasized that against their background, Turkey is a non-competitive country. However, it is the successful states that criticize Erdogan’s position on Libya and oppose the GNA.

“In this context, it is worth considering that Egypt has the most powerful army in the Middle East. Of all the Arab countries, their Armed Forces are the most numerous, trained and well-armed. Do not forget about Saudi Arabia – a country that has historically been the leader of the Islamic world, on whose territory there is a certain elite, uniting all the Arab countries around itself. The UAE represents the most developed centers of modern technology in the region, which are successful in the West. In Jordan, the real descendant of the dynasty of the prophet Muhammad lives, and in Morocco, the second active descendant. All these states are significant and have great weight in the Islamic and Arab world. All of them support the side of Field Marshal of the Libyan National Army Khalifa Haftar, the Provisional Government and the House of Representatives, not the GNA,” the expert noted.

Kudryashov believes that Erdogan does not understand how much risk he intervenes in the Libyan crisis and contrasts his country with the entire Islamic world:

“Most Arabs and Muslims support the Libyan people, and the people – Haftara. Turkey is a minority, no one is ready to side with it. I am sure that time will put everything in its place and we will see that this military adventure will become a trap for Turkey. They themselves are not yet aware of the lengthy game they were drawn into. Of course, all this will not end on the destruction of several “Shells” and will not allow the Turks to gain a strategic victory in the Libyan campaign.”

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In conclusion, the representative of the Eastern Government of Libya in the Russian Federation said that the Turkish people will not forgive Erdogan for numerous losses in the North African state.

“In the long run, this is a serious military campaign that will drain the country’s internal resources. Economic, technical, and most importantly, human losses will follow. All this will lead to the indignation of the Turkish people, because the Turks are good, hardworking, open people. They trade, engage in agriculture, tourism, and so on. Erdogan is trying, out of personal ambitions, to make them become killers on the external borders: to seize foreign countries and so on. This will lead to the people rejecting this government. The Turkish leader will have to deal with the problems that he himself gave rise to,” summarized Kudryashov.


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