Lessons from the war: Putin promised to strengthen the Armed Forces

MOSCOW, (BM) – Russia will continue to strengthen and develop its Armed forces in all directions, regardless of any factors, promised President Vladimir Putin in his congratulations to graduates of military schools and academies of the Ministry of Defense on Victory Day, learned BulgarianMilitary.com citing Gazeta.ru.

According to him, throughout the course of history, our country has been convinced of the need to have the ability to respond to any force challenges from outside and ensure a safe life for the people.

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“Under any circumstances, we will realize the plans we have planned to strengthen all types and types of troops, to equip them with advanced weapons and equipment, including strategic ones, which have no analogues in the world with high-precision and hypersonic systems, unmanned and automated strike systems,” assured the head of state.

He added that in the coming years, military training will increase the intensity of military training, including the development of skills in using the latest types of weapons as they are introduced into the armed forces.

“You have a big and responsible job.The lessons of the Great Patriotic War, the whole history of the country teach us that our army must always be strong, able to respond to any challenges and threats, reliably ensure the sovereignty and national interests of Russia, the security and peaceful life of our citizens.I’m sure that you will professionally and adequately participate in solving all these large-scale tasks,” the Russian leader expressed confidence.

It is known that more than 12 thousand graduates of higher educational institutions of the Ministry of Defense of Russia who received a lieutenant rank will soon go to military service locations, RIA Novosti reports with reference to a statement by the Russian Defense Ministry.

“About 12 thousand young lieutenants will go to places of further military service in accordance with the received specialty and level of training,” the ministry said.

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The department also noted that this year 260 girls graduates of military universities also received officer epaulets. In addition, every fifth former cadet completed his studies with honors, and 420 of them received gold medals.

On the eve of the United States again remembered the “Dead Hand” – a system of automatic control of a retaliatory nuclear strike, known in Russia as the “Perimeter”. According to Caleb Larson, Master of Public Policy at Willy Brandt School, the emergence of this system was the culmination of the Cold War between the US and the USSR. However, the semi-mythical “retaliation machine” continues to function to this day.

In a column for The National Interest, he writes that the Soviet leadership felt “pressed against the wall”, so the “creepy plan” of guaranteed retaliation appeared in the USSR.

About the features of the functioning of the system “Perimeter”, or the so-called “dead hand”, at present it is only possible to judge. There are no exact data on this issue.

There is some reason to believe that the “Perimeter” consists of command posts, command ballistic missiles, receiving devices, and an autonomous control-command system (all terms are very, very arbitrary).

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Wired magazine wrote that in peacetime the system is in a “dormant state” until it is activated by a senior official.

“Before a retaliatory strike, the system should check four“ if / then ”: whether there was a nuclear strike on Soviet territory.

If so, the system would check for communications with the General Staff. If there is a connection, then after some time without further signs of an attack – from 15 minutes to an hour – the system would automatically shut down, concluding that the officials who can give the order for a counterattack are still alive. If there is no connection, the Perimeter will decide that Judgment Day has arrived, ”the article says.

After the Perimeter system makes a decision on the use of strategic nuclear weapons, a command missile (or missiles) is launched with a special warhead, which in flight transmits commands to launch all nuclear weapons carriers that have appropriate receivers at the control center.

The launch of intercontinental ballistic missiles and ballistic missiles of submarines in this case is carried out in automatic mode.

The decision to retaliate “Perimeter” takes on the basis of information from numerous sensors deployed in the country – seismic, radiation and atmospheric pressure, which determine the signs of nuclear explosions. In peacetime, this system can almost with 100% accuracy determine where in the world a nuclear device has been detonated.

Two weeks earlier, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova warned that if the US equips its Trident ballistic missiles with thermonuclear warheads, Moscow will see this as a threat and will give a nuclear response to launching warheads.

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“Any attack using an American ballistic missile of submarines, regardless of the characteristics of its equipment, will be perceived as an attack with the use of nuclear weapons,” the diplomat said.


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