A thermonuclear explosion over Moscow – a US media simulated the effects of it

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MOSCOW, (BM) – The American publication We Are The Mighty published material in which it simulated a thermonuclear bomb explosion over Moscow, and also predicted the likely consequences.

The material dealt with a project of weapons with a capacity of 10 gigatons – this is 200 times more than the Tsar bomb tested by the USSR in 1961. At the moment, it remains the most powerful thermonuclear shell ever tested by mankind.

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The author of the idea of ​​creating a 10-gigaton bomb was physicist Edward Teller – most of the article is devoted to him. It also notes that the project was rejected, because the US leadership did not see the point in such a powerful weapon. And this is not surprising.

According to the calculations given in the material, such a bomb could completely destroy the New England region, or most of California, Great Britain and Ireland, or both Koreas. A cloud of radioactive fallout would cover several countries at once and probably poison the atmosphere of the entire Earth.

“Even if the bomb were dropped in the very heart of the USSR, it would poison a huge territory in Western Europe and, probably, the USA,” the authors of the article say.

For clarity, they decided to simulate a bomb explosion over Moscow. However, the program used for this had limitations on the projectile power of 100 megatons – 100 times less than the project proposed by Teller.

According to the simulation results, with the explosion of such a bomb in the center of Moscow, not only the capital, but also the nearest regions would be destroyed, and the fallout would fall at a distance of about 1,500 km from the epicenter of the explosion.

State Duma deputy Ruslan Balbek, commenting on the material, called such publications of the American media a search for momentary fame. He noted that any nuclear power simulates situations of use of weapons of mass destruction and possible consequences, however, when journalists begin to do this, such activity becomes “low and vulgar.”

“If the American publication decided to take the bread from the military, which are engaged in modeling strategic wars, then this led, no doubt, to a scandalous effect. Of course, Russia today is capable of responding to any military threat. That is why no one will risk contacting her. As for modeling or predicting the use of nuclear weapons, American journalists could just ask to attend a press conference in the Russian Ministry of Defense if they would like to get answers to their questions,” he told RT.

In turn, member of the Federation Council Committee on Foreign Affairs Oleg Morozov noted that when specialists study the consequences of using nuclear weapons, they model an explosion using the example of an abstract multi-million city.

“But when it is modeled on a specific city in which specific people live, then many associations immediately arise. It’s probably pointless to officially respond to this. We need to understand for ourselves that we are dealing with a country where the idea of ​​using nuclear weapons, including against us, is seriously discussed,” he said in a conversation with RT.

The senator added that such situations are an occasion to further strengthen Russian defense capabilities.

“This is a purely provocative action, which is aimed at inciting hatred of Russia, at intimidating the Russian people. On the other hand, this is a demonstration by the Americans that they can scare Moscow so terribly so that nothing will remain there. That is, it has nothing to do with reality at all. This is clearly their information campaign aimed at intimidating and shaping the image of the enemy,” said Konstantin Sivkov, a doctor of military sciences, retired captain of the 1st rank, in an interview with RT.

He confirmed that the simulation of the use of nuclear weapons and the affected area from a military point of view is an absolutely ordinary event.

Recall that at the beginning of 2020 in the United States, Trident II ballistic missiles with W76-2 low-power warheads took up combat duty.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said the US adoption of low-power tactical nuclear warheads is a dangerous precedent that will lower the threshold for using nuclear weapons. According to her, by such actions Washington actually blurs the line “between non-strategic and strategic nuclear weapons”, which “inevitably leads to lowering the nuclear threshold and increasing the threat of nuclear conflict.”


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