Iran cannot fight US Navy, but might close the Strait of Hormuz for American ships

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TEHRAN, (BM) – Iranian authorities are well aware that the country’s naval forces do not have sufficient survivability and firepower to confront such a serious enemy as the United States directly. Therefore, he will use the geographical features of the Persian Gulf convenient for him for his own purposes.

The most vulnerable point at this point is the Strait of Hormuz, about 50 km wide at its narrowest point. This is an ideal place to organize ambushes using mini submarines, attacks using motor boats and high-speed boats, as well as the use of drones and anti-ship missiles.

Over the years, Iran has demonstrated a variety of unusual weapons, such as F-14 Tomcat fighters designed to fire Russian-made rockets, home-made mini-submarines, and reconstructed aircraft from the Cold War.

In 2006, the Iranian military demonstrated an unusual aircraft called Bavar-2 (the name translates as “Faith” or “Confidence”), and four years later, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps received three squadrons of these aircraft. They are the so-called ekranoplanes, sea skimmers or Wing-In-Ground vehicles and are designed to fly at very low altitudes using the so-called “earth effect”.

This is a phenomenon in which wing surfaces collide with less resistance at very low heights. After gaining speed on the rise during take-off, they can remain in the air as long as they remain at extremely low altitude. This makes them effective in offshore operations where high mountain landscapes do not interfere.

They are able to collect data on enemy warships and transmit this information to high-speed missile boats. Then high-speed patrol boats of the Zulfikar class at speeds of up to 70 knots can quickly approach with the target at the required distance for launching a missile attack and leave the region of combat operations just as quickly.

In addition, the Bavar-2 has a high stealth flight, which allows them to easily get closer to enemy ships. They are not equipped with stealth technology, but are able to remain invisible to radars due to their low altitude.


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