Russia creates an insidious and compact stealth helicopter-jet

WASHINGTON, (BM) – The Russian company “Kamov” creates a subtle compact helicopter-jet hybrid. The new vehicle presumably could be used for military purposes, learned citing to The National Interest (NI) magazine.

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The NI author Caleb Larson writes that modern equipment will be installed on the helicopter. This device belongs to the KA-50 and 52 family and demonstrates a new stage in the development of weapons systems for the Russian Air Force.

The expert believes that we can talk only about the prototype. The helicopter received two screws with opposite rotation and this solution has advantages in comparison with the classical scheme, when there is a main and tail rotor. Because of that the speed of the aircraft increases, as well as the vehicle’s maneuverability. Technically, catapults are provided for two pilots, and at any permissible speed or altitude.

“This prototype also has a large delta wing and canards, like the venerable Saab design, which is highly maneuverable. Canards provide a bit more lift and also help maneuverability. Though there are some issues—perhaps irreconcilable differences—between prominent canards and a stealthy design” Caleb Larson said in the article.

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The device will receive design features, the purpose of which is to reduce the radar signature. Along with this, The National Interest notes, powerful jet engines will provide an advantage in speed over a potential enemy.

“The new prototype has some features like the Sikrosky Raider, including possibly stealthy characteristics and, of course, the double rotor system, though the Raider has a pusher propeller, whereas the Kamov prototype has jet engines and both designs clearly place a premium on speed.” Larson also said.

The autjor notes that we can also talk about hidden characteristics of a helicopter-jet hybrid. recalls that on April 18 the US company Lockheed Sikorsky unveiled the new vision of future helicopters. The helicopter received the designation Raider-X. Like its predecessor, the new helicopter has a coaxial vinyl carrier and one pusher propeller at the rear. A promising vehicle will be able to reach speeds of approximately 380 kilometers per hour using the General Electric T901 engine.

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The helicopter has a fairly wide cockpit with the location of the crew members side by side. Immediately behind the cabin is a compartment in which weapons and people can be placed. Overall, being very similar to the S-97 Raider, the Raider-X will be approximately 30% larger than its predecessor.


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