‘An air sniper’ – Su-57 will be able to exploit the vulnerability of US aircraft

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WASHINGTON, (BM) – The review of the Russian aircraft was presented in the material for The National Interest by columnist David Axe. According to him, this high-speed “air sniper” with a wingspan of 20 feet (15.2 m), which flies at a very high altitude, can easily destroy enemy radars and shoot down enemy aircraft. For this, it is equipped with powerful long-range missiles of the air-to-air system.

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The impression of the Su-57 was made, for the most part, from the words of Aviation Week reporter Bill Sweetman, who visited one of the MAKS air show exhibitions, where he was able to examine in detail the Russian fighter.

At the exhibition, the aircraft was presented along with missiles located in the internal compartments, as well as under the wings on the pylons and in the lower part of the fuselage. Most of all, the American reporter was impressed by the X-58USHKE anti-radar missile and the new air-to-air missile RVV-BD. Both models can hit a target at a distance of 120 miles (193.1 km).

Not a single American stealth aircraft is equipped with such anti-radar weapons, although the United States also has an analogue of the Russian AGM-88.

David Axe assumes that in the Russian Air Force this fighter will be received in small quantities, but even this is quite enough to have a serious impact on the enemy’s forces.

At the same time, US aviation does not use long-range weapons – such is the “air war philosophy” of the United States. For example, the F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lightning II fighters, like the B-2 bomber, carry weapons with a much shorter range.

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For example, the main ammunition of the B-2 Spirit bomber is a 2000-pound gravitational bomb, controlled by satellite.

To attack ground targets, the F-22 and F-35 rely on a 500-pound winged bomb, which can fly under optimal conditions up to 100 kilometers, and AIM-120 missiles are effective at a distance of about 80 kilometers.

The range of weapons of Russian and American winged vehicles indicates differences in approaches to stealth aircraft in Russia and the United States, writes David Axe.

In addition, the observer noted, all invisible aircraft in service with the US Air Force are rather slow. The exception is only the F-22. Everyone else needs to “sneak up” as close to the enemy as possible, which is why they need stealth systems. Only then can they use their weapons. In addition, American aircraft are “tied” to tankers. Only a B-2 bomber can fly a “one tank” a thousand kilometers.

However, the Su-57 is completely dispensed with refueling and can overcome the defense due to its high altitude and speed, and also strikes targets deep behind enemy lines with long-range missiles. Moreover, when necessary, the Russian “air sniper” can be incredibly maneuverable, the observer concludes.

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