The chief of Estonian Army: ‘When the opportunity arises, Russia uses a force’

TALLINN, (BM) – The commander of the Estonian Defense Forces, Major General Martin Herem (46) gave an interview to the Estonian Express, in which he said that he began his personal resistance to the Soviet system in his school years, when he refused to cut off his long hair and went oblique against teachers, learned

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He is sure that soon the Estonian army will no longer require short haircuts for men, and women are now allowed long hair.

Herem is also known for his expressive remarks and comments on Russia, which are always sharply focused on the Russian president Vladimir Putin and Russian military policy.

He refers to the results of opinion polls, according to which the majority of the population trust the army and is ready to participate in the defense of the country.

Herem also expressed indignation over Russia, which does not approve of NATO exercises conducted at its borders. “I will not find the correct expression on this subject. Russia does crap. With a dull face, she lies and ignores everything that she herself does. When Russia moves forces of ten thousand people or more at a distance of several hundred kilometers from our border, and Denmark blocks the straits and displays its ships in the Atlantic, this seems to be normal. Every few months about Crimea, Putin stated that the invaders were not his troops and that he had ordered the troops to be sent there. Not to mention poisoning and killing people. We must practice protecting ourselves. If Russia says that this is aggression, then it is simply raving,” the Estonian commander-in-chief expressed expressively.

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“It is in Russia’s interest to form its closest neighborhood at its discretion. War is one way to do this. Russia wants neighboring states to depend on it – not necessarily occupying them. When such an opportunity arises, Russia uses or tries to use military force. Russia behaves as it wants, and not so that it is possible to conduct business honestly. She is not trustworthy. She is not crossing our border right now. But no one foresaw a crisis with Ukraine, although the signs were in the air for about a year,” said Martin Herem.

Interior Minister Mart Helme wants to create an internal defense reserve for crisis operations. On this occasion, Kherem noted: “The defense forces must protect the country primarily from a military threat. If we put our anti-tank or armored vehicles to guard warehouses or borders, we will not be able to take the necessary steps in the event of a military threat. I agree with the need to create a crisis reserve of the Police and Border Guard Board – we call it that. The proposal for its creation actually came from the Defense Forces: we could have a trained and armed manpower in the reserve, if necessary able to join the ranks of the police and border guards.


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