Militants make money of Syrian refugees with the tacit consent of Turkey

MOSCOW, (BM) – Militants distribute humanitarian aid in Syrian Idlib under the auspices of the terrorist group Khayyat Tahrir al-Sham and personally its leader Abu Muhammad al-Giulani.

How terrorists and their henchmen built a business in someone else’s mountain in Idlib, using refugees for their own enrichment, according to the Federal News Agency (FAN).

A city of dubious reputation

According to the Telegram channel Rybar, Muhammad Usman Kojo and Muhammad Saeed Jalo are both from the town of Al-Kah, located in the north of Idlib province. In the village, the first deals with religious issues, and the second heads the city council.

Noteworthy in this story is the location of Al Qah. The city with the refugee camp of the same name is located not far from another notorious Atma camp near the border with Turkey. Both temporary detention centers constantly mention various NGOs in their reports and reports on refugees allegedly oppressed there.

Earlier, Al-Kah refugee camp was featured on the list of fake fighters compiled by the FAN. At the end of last year, a video appeared on the network demonstrating the damage to the attack on the camp. The militants first blamed the Syrian aircraft for this, then claimed that the attack was allegedly delivered by an operational-tactical missile from the ground.

However, judging by the frames that appeared on the network, only one tent in the camp turned out to be destroyed, and the rest remained unharmed. This could not have happened with an air strike or rocket. With a high degree of probability it can be assumed that the attack was made from a drone. The Syrian government army does not use strike UAVs, but militants often launch them.

Shadow schemes

According to Rybar, Al-Kah is also participating in shadow schemes of Wat Khayyat Tahrir Al-Sham’s subsidiary, the leader of the company, which imports and sells fuel supplied from Afrin. It is in Al-Qah where the fuel depot is located. At the same time, the previously mentioned Muhammad Usman Kojo and Muhammad Saeed Jalo are proxies of Abu Muhammad al-Juliani in the town of Kah.

The first, even before the crisis in the SAR, was accused of embezzlement of more than 2 million lire. Kojo now steals humanitarian aid from civilians, and then sends humanitarian aid delivered to refugee camps for ordinary citizens to the terrorist organizations of Khayyat Tahrir al-Sham.

The second, taking advantage of family ties at the top of the group, was appointed chairman of the Al-Qah City Council. Jalo is currently distributing humanitarian aid for bribes.

Responsibility of Ankara

Political scientist, president of ANO “Eurasian Institute of Youth Initiatives” Yuri Samonkin is sure that Ankara is primarily responsible for the shadow activities of militants. The expert shared this opinion with the FAN.

“While the world community is struggling with the consequences of COVID-19, we see that humanitarian aid in Syria is plundered by radical elements. Why is this happening, it is worth asking Turkey, because in recent months the situation around Idlib is not that it does not improve, but rather worsens. This region is a new global humanitarian catastrophe,” the political scientist said.

In addition, the expert believes that the abstraction of the international community from the fight against terrorism in Syria due to the opposition to the spread of coronavirus only plays into the hands of terrorists trying to cash in on a mountain of refugees.

“Turkish forces have strengthened in Idlib with their checkpoints, and do not allow the Syrian government to regulate the situation in this region. It is with the assistance of Ankara that the factor of a protracted pause, a secret war, thanks to which humanitarian aid is being stolen, is present here, and, possibly, further funding for the militants is underway. Considering that the USA in this region is almost no longer in control, there are more questions on such cases to the Turkish authorities, who have been actively present there lately,” Samonkin emphasized.


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