Russian Su-35 fighter jet outperforms US F-16 and warries NATO

MOSCOW, (BM) – The Russian Su-35 multipurpose fighter (according to NATO codification – Flanker-E +) outperforms the American F-16 not only in maneuverability and close combat, but also in terms of protection against the effects of precision weapons.

According to the pilot of the Russian Aerospace Forces, Andrey Krasnoperov, unlike the United States in Russia, great demands are placed on the super-maneuverability of a fighter, and the Su-35 is superior to its competitor.

“He [Su-35] can perform aerobatics – moreover, those that are likely even unfamiliar to our opponents. The engine is more powerful. He can develop the speed of sound not afterburner, but simply in normal mode. “F-16” cannot boast of this,” said the pilot in an interview with Zvezda.

In addition, the Su-35 engines have a controlled thrust vector, which allows it to fly “almost with its tail forward”. In the flight range, the American also loses to the Russian combat vehicle. F-16 can fly without hanging tanks 2700 kilometers, while the Su-35 – 3600 km.

“It is no secret that the Su-35 surpasses the (American)“ F ”series precisely in maneuverability, in close combat. He has more advanced equipment, and NATO, of course, is concerned that this aircraft is in Syria,” said Krasnoperov.

Thanks to the use of the Khibiny radio-electronic suppression complex, the Russian fighter is reliably protected from the effects of precision weapons. The locator installed on the Su-35, which sees enemy planes in advance at ranges of up to 400 kilometers, also allows you to preempt a strike on an airplane.

For comparison: the F-16 sees only 200 kilometers. At the same time, the Russian radar is capable of detecting targets even in conditions of active radio interference.

Irbis phased array radar system can simultaneously track up to 30 targets and direct missiles at eight of them. In the visibility range of the radar can also be at least four ground targets, two of which it can fire. To do this, there is a whole set of guided air-to-surface missiles, as well as unguided missiles and bombs of various calibers.

The American F-16 the ability to work on ground targets is implemented on a residual basis. The aircraft is capable of carrying only two adjustable bombs, guided by a GPS signal and capable of hitting only stationary targets. For air combat, a Russian aircraft is armed with R-77 and R-27ER air-to-air missiles with a range of 110 and 130 kilometers, respectively.

As some experts said, the Su-35 has become not only a competitor for the F-16, but also an alternative for the fifth-generation fighter F-35 in the markets of some states – traditional buyers of US military products. So, Turkey, as a NATO member country and faced with the restrictions of the United States after the purchase of Russian S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems, is eyeing the Su-35 as a possible substitute for the F-35.


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Source: EurAsia Daily

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