Islamic State and coronavirus: a joy of weakening ‘crusader nations’

BERLIN, (BM) – As it appears, the jihadists, who focus on Iraq and Syria, understand the corona virus epidemic as an All-weakening of the “crusader nations” that are now facing “worst nightmares”, such as it is formulated in an editorial in the al-Naba newsletter, a body that promulgates the IS (“Islamic State”).

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The commentary was translated into English by Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi, who translated several sources from the jihadist camp who commented on the Corona epidemic into his blog. From the political side, criticism of his connections to jihadists and Islamists keeps coming up – which not only give him access to documents, but also enable interviews with insiders – especially since he is critical and distant of the Syrian government.)

“Blessing and gift”

The others must fear, not those who adhere to the true faith, that is the commonality of the text of the IS and the voices from the jihadist camp that Al-Tamimi presents. The latter includes a representative of al-Qaida, Khalid al-Siba’i, the well-known supporter of the Syrian jihadist militias, the Saudi “Sheikh” al-Muhaysini, also with al-Qaida connections, and several representatives of the Hayat Tahrir militia ash-shame (HTS) and in detail the Jordanian preacher of jihadist Salafism, Muhammad al-Maqdisi, who is very well known and influential in the region, who depicts the corona virus as a “blessing and a gift”.

Its text, as far as it is transmitted on its Telegram channel, is an enumeration of benefits that span a broader spectrum, from reorientation towards Allah, veiling, no more shaking hands with representatives of the idolaters Tagut and closing bars . Countries such as Italy, France, Great Britain and China would prove to be the false ideal of the misguided. The dirt is on the other side.

There is another notable benefit that is highlighted: the closing of the mosques and the suspension of Friday prayers given by the Imams, who are determined by the Taguts, those Imams who are dependent on, or political with, the governments True beliefs have made misguided compromises.

Use the weakening

As the named “Sheikh” al-Muhaysini appeals to the “faithful”, meetings in the mosque are now the order of the day. With “A Thousand No” he opposes the closings of the mosques. “Come to prayer!” Is now the slogan for the areas beyond the control of the unbelieving governments.

The risk of infection is relativized for him, there are compromise solutions, it is important to him that here not the materialistic view of the West in view of the virus is adopted, but the spiritual request of the assembly of the faithful is followed.

It remains to be seen how the conjuring up of a “counter-public” in the mosques under the rule of the jihadists will work if covid-19 expands in Idlib and other Sharia zones. In the provisions that IS expresses in the above-mentioned al-Naba newsletter commentary, the focus is primarily on the weakening of opponents – “idolatrous states”, “crusader nations” – as a result of the corona epidemic.

No abandonment of jihad in western countries

The call is different than what was advertised by the media last week, no abandonment of jihad in western countries for fear that the warriors could become infected. Jihad is said to be the most expensive, “most beloved” way of showing God to followers, it says at the end of an execution that has the essence that there is no pity for the opponents weakened by fear and financial losses gives.

“And the last thing they (the” Crusader Nations “) want now is that this critical time they’re going through now coincides with preparations by the Caliphate soldiers for new attacks on them, similar to those in Paris, London, Brussels and other places have taken place” IS commentary on the Corona epidemic

Specifically, IS fighters are called on to free the prisoners in camps in northeastern Syria. One should take advantage of the opportunities that currently arise. The “crusaders” are now concerned with security in their countries and are exposed to the pressure on their foreign missions, at a time when the withdrawal of the troops or their return has long been an issue.

As Aaron Y. Zelin, from the Washington Institute for Near East Policy think tank, states in his situation description, IS has continued to be active in Syria and Iraq since the defeat in Baghuz, which was celebrated as the end of the caliphate.

In total, it lists well over 1,000 attacks or attacks in both countries. The main targets were in the Deir e-Zor governorate in Syria and the Dyiala governorate in Iraq. However, since they are a smaller number than in earlier times, it cannot be said that ISIS has returned strongly in the two countries. Rather, IS survive and its fighters would wait for the opportune moment to take advantage of it.

It is not yet clear whether the corona epidemic will provide such opportunities. But this complicates international and local actions against the IS militias.


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Original title: Gaza: IS und Corona: Freude über die Schwächung der “Kreuzfahrer-Nationen”

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