The American F-16 fighter jet has surpassed the Russian MiG-29

WASHINGTON, (BM) – The American magazine The National Interest called the F-16 the most “successful” light multi-role fighter, which has long “stuck in the belt” of a competitor – the MiG-29, learned BulgarianMilitary.

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According to the publication, the mere fact that about 3,000 Falcons are operated in 25 countries already indicates that the brainchild of General Dynamics and Lockheed Martin has become the best in the world in its class.

Fast, maneuverable, economical and convenient, this fighter has been used since the 70s. last century, and no one is going to take the car for scrap. F-16 may rightfully take the place of the legendary Soviet MiG-21 in fighter aircraft, which still flies.

According to NI, the F-16 made a total of 400 thousand sorties, and the total flight crews are 19 million hours. It is, in its way, a Boeing 737 fighter aircraft.

The F-16 engine turned out to be more reliable and more economical than the RD-33 MiG-29. Although it should be noted that the “Fulcrum” has two. No wonder the plane consumes more fuel. But with reliability, a fair remark: the F100 resource turned out to be longer. They tried to fix the problem in the new MiG-35s, but so far the Russian fighter has not been able to promote on the international market as we would like.

The American pilots who transferred after the F-16 to the MiG-29 immediately noticed poor visibility from the cockpit, while in the Falcon, everything is clearly visible around. In aerial combat, this is a pretty important point.

But the MiG-29 hit the western pilots with power and super maneuverability. In close combat, this machine can give battle to any existing fighter.

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At the moment, most MiG-29 is in service with Russia and India. Enough of these fighters from Iran and Algeria. The MiG-29SMT and MiG-29UPG versions for the Indian Air Force deserve special attention. They have a greater fuel reserve, improved avionics and a wide range of weapons.


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