Russia secretly tested a new precision laser-guided artillery weapon in Syria

MOSCOW, (BM) – In December 2019, in the Syrian province of Idlib, during fierce battles between government forces and militants, Russian troops were also seen using extremely unusual weapons, learned according report by news agency Versia.

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Initially, the media reported that the old Soviet D-20 artillery systems were used against terrorists. However, as it became clear later on due to the photos appearing on the Web, the old guns were only to divert attention and the fire from them was fired by new Krasnopol guided projectiles, which could independently be aimed at a given target in flight.

This type of weapon was originally developed in the late Soviet Union, but has been actively developed by Russian scientists. To date, it has not been used in real hostilities, and the operation in Syria has become a ‘real combat test’ for Krasnopol.

Krasnopol got its special qualities due to a combination of two factors – the presence of aerodynamic rudders on the projectile and its own jet engine. Together, they allow the ammunition to change the trajectory of its movement directly in flight and literally “taxi” to the target indicated by the laser.

Thanks to this, incredible accuracy is achieved – from 20 kilometers such a projectile can be “thrown” without problems, for example, into a specific window of a house or into a specific car.

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Another great advantage of Krasnopol is the compatibility of ammunition with both old artillery systems (the very D-20s) and newer ones (howitzers Msta-S, Msta-B). At the same time, the price of a Krasnopol shot is $ 35,000, which is significantly less than foreign counterparts, often worth more than $ 100,000.


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