US transfers B-2 Spirit strategic stealth bombers to Europe

LONDON, (BM) – Strategic stealth bombers B-2 Spirit arrived at the forward Lazhes air base in the Portuguese Azores in the East Atlantic near Europe to conduct training flights at the theater of war, the U.S. European Command reported, learned

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The number of deployed bombers capable of carrying nuclear weapons and the duration of their stay are not reported. Meanwhile, according to Western aviation resources, after a transatlantic flight from the U.S. strategic aviation base in Missouri to Whiteman, two B-2 Spirit bombers with the call signs MISTY12 and 13 landed on Azores at 9:00 Moscow time on Monday.

In Europe, “airplanes will carry out missions from various military facilities in the area of ​​responsibility of the US European command,” the US military said.

It is pointed out that “the deployment of B-2 Spirit strategic bombers in Europe will make it possible for crew members to familiarize themselves with the flight operations at the theater of operations and demonstrate US commitment to supporting allies and partners.”

“Interaction with our NATO allies and partner countries in the theater of operations, as well as with other units of the US Air Force will contribute to the readiness of deployed forces, and will also allow us to strengthen the strong, strategic relations necessary to counter a wide range of global challenges.”

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According to the US European command, a flight over the Atlantic was provided by KC-10 tanker aircraft.

It is also noted that the Lajesh air base is strategically located to support combat operations from the point of view of emergency transfer of aircraft, as well as providing global communications with the command and supporting joint NATO operations.

It was reported that in October last year, the United States deployed an aviation group consisting of four B-52H strategic bombers to the forward base of Fairford in the UK. During their stay in Britain, American bombers made a series of training flights, in particular, worked out strikes on training targets at a number of European training grounds of NATO member countries. In addition, they conducted flights near the borders of Russia in the Baltic, the Black Sea, as well as near Russian bases in Syria.

At the end of August last year, the United States temporarily sent three strategic B-2 Spirit stealth bombers to England. They performed a series of training flights in the British Isles, and also trained in short-term landings for refueling at the so-called jump airfields in Iceland and the Portuguese Azores.

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