The fights in Syria are quiet, but it seems – not for long, the provocations continue

DAMASCUS, (BM) – Turkey continues to transfer forces to the Syrian province of Idlib, despite the agreement reached between Ankara and Moscow on a ceasefire in the region.

On Sunday, several military convoys headed south across the Syrian border. They include: tanks, towed and self-propelled artillery, including multiple launch rocket systems, mobile radar systems, trucks and tankers with tank fuel.

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This was reported by numerous Internet portals belonging to the Syrian armed opposition.

It is noted that the hostilities subsided, but tensions still remain and the forces of the parties do not abandon their positions. The withdrawal of troops by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) previously required by Ankara does not occur.

Syrian government news sources, in turn, report that Islamist groups continue provocative actions. So, near the village of Kafr Batykh, militants subjected the SAA to a disturbing mortar attack.

Damascus foresees imminent complications of the situation, as statements are heard in the ranks of the opposition refusing to comply with the peace agreements of the presidents of Russia and Turkey on Idlib. In addition, the Turkish side is prone to violate Syrian airspace.

On Sunday, information was received about the crossing of at least three Turkish unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) of the Syrian air border. UAV data were limited to flying around the territories; most likely, they performed reconnaissance and surveillance tasks. The Syrians took no action against them.

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Previously, the region noted the activity of Russian electronic warfare (EW), which did not allow the Turkish Air Force to freely act in the sky over Idlib. Ankara admitted that over the past few weeks of fighting, it lost a lot of its drones, and many air strikes of the Turkish Air Force did not reach their goals.

There is also evidence that Turkish troops were losing their armored vehicles, which came under fire from Syrian anti-tank systems of Russian production. According to Syrian sources, the militants suffered considerable losses in manpower. Damascus informs that in February, early March, about 6 thousand soldiers of the armed opposition were killed.

The activity of US troops in the north and east of Syria is noted. State television SAR reports on a campaign by the US military in the city of Bazir, in the northern part of Deir Ez-Zor. Several incidents involving US military patrols have also occurred in the border areas with Turkey.

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However, here they received a decent welcome. The local population meets with a hail of stones armored cars crowned with star-striped flags. And the CAA block posts blocked the main roads. So, for Americans, the passage on the highway leading from Hasaki to Tal Barak is completely closed. In support of this, a video is shown on which one of the CAA checkpoints is captured.


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Source: Nezavisimaya Gazeta / Alexander Sharkovski

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