Upgraded Syrian MiG-29 thrown into battle against Turkish F-16

DAMASCUS, (BM) – About a week ago, we reported a downed Syrian L-39 military aircraft from the Turkish Air Force and more specifically from the Turkish F-16. Information on the downed Syrian plane was confirmed by the three countries involved in the war in Syria – Russia, Turkey and Syria.

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According to local sources and sources from the Russian military-industrial complex, шге Syrian Air Force has found a way to effectively deal with Turkish F-16 fighters, if the latter violated the country’s airspace.

We are talking about a MiG-29SM airplane upgraded to the stealth level of a fighter, which received a set of Airborne Defense Complex (ADC) “Talisman” (Mascot), which makes it possible to turn the Syrian plane into completely invisible to missiles and radars.

“A short video of the flight of one of the fighters with such ADC was published on social networks. Talisman is produced by the Belarusian company Defense Initiatives. It provides effective protection against various means of destruction: air-to-air and ground-to-air missiles launched by air defense systems, including man-portable FIM-92 Stinger and others. When developing a combat mission, this development provides protection for neighboring aircraft that are not equipped with such electronic warfare systems,” the newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta reports.

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The principle of operation of the ADC “Talisman” is based on the re-emission (retransmission) of the probe signals of the enemy radar with the endowment with their special phase, frequency, amplitude and polarization modulation.

Modulated re-emission leads to distortion of the wave front perceived by the antenna systems of the radar (homing head) of the enemy’s missiles, which affects the angular, range and high-speed (Doppler) meters and radar tracking systems of these missiles. ADC “Talisman” acts on the main element of all modern radars – monopulse direction finder and disrupts its operation.

Accepting the fact that Syrian fighters are armed with missiles with a range of up to 70 kilometers, while Turkish F-16s have this indicator limited to 50 kilometers, experts believe that the Syrian Air Force upgraded to the stealth fighter Mig-29CM will demonstrate much better results.

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According several sources, the Syrian MiG-29s have been in the air for the past two weeks and obviously, the Turkish F-16s simply did not notice them just because of the use of the ADC Talisman.


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