Russia doesn’t reveal all its ‘cards’ when sells the S-400

BEIJING, (BM) – At the end of last year, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation issued a statement stating that the first S-350 anti-aircraft missile system was adopted by the country’s aerospace forces.

Everyone knows that shortly after the sale of the S-400 to China, Russia adopted the S-350. It turns out that, delivering S-400 to China, the Russians did not reveal all the cards.

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No wonder they say that “the student can surpass the teacher.” Any country understands this. No matter how good the relations between the two states may be, it is excusable for them to conceal something from each other. By exporting weapons, any militarily strong country will keep something secret. Armaments for export will always be weaker than those that the state itself uses. If you manage to buy the latest weapons, then the country is preparing to release even more progressive ones.

The S-400 air defense system has long been the main anti-aircraft weapon of the aerospace forces of the Russian Federation. Its maximum firing range in defense reaches 500 kilometers. It is capable of hitting various high-, medium- and low-flying targets, including aircraft, cruise missiles and medium- and short-range ballistic missiles within a radius of 500 kilometers. In addition, the S-400 has excellent characteristics and good maneuverability, it is also easy to disguise when placed. Therefore, this air defense system was not only recognized as a “national symbol of peace”, but also began to enjoy a special location in many countries, such as India, Turkey and China. Precisely because the S-400 is so good, the PRC imports it even despite the presence of its own air defense system – “Hongqi-9” (HQ-9).

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Russia announced the deployment of the S-350 and S-500 immediately after the S-400 air defense systems were installed in China. Now the first S-350 Vityaz anti-aircraft missile system has already arrived at the disposal of the Russian Air Force missile units equipped with ground-to-air missiles. The air defense system should replace the S-300 currently in use and increase the coefficient of interception of cruise missiles by 2-2.5 times. S-350 is a new generation Russian medium-range anti-aircraft missile system equipped with 9M100 and 9M96 missiles. The first is capable of traveling at a speed of 4.8 kilometers per second and intercepting ballistic targets within a radius of 120 kilometers, and the second is mainly used to intercept low-flying targets within a radius of 15 kilometers. The maximum combat radius of the air defense system reaches 60 kilometers, and the maximum height of destruction is 30 kilometers.

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The S-350 will interact with the S-500, enhancing the country’s air defense. The S-500 air defense system was developed on the basis of the S-400, its maximum firing range exceeds 500 kilometers, and the overall combat efficiency is much higher than any existing air defense system. It is quite normal that when selling S-400 to China, Russia did not reveal all the cards. There was no hope that the country would sell all the most advanced weapons. China must create its own air defense system.


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