Refugee crisis: Which EU countries support funding in Turkey

ATHENS, (BM) – Europe is divided on the backdrop of talks on the management of Ankara-made refugees and the alleged sultanate of Erdogan.

Many European countries express outrage over Turkey’s stance, but support the possibility of renewed funding. The message they are essentially sending is that Erdogan can blackmail them, and that is not desirable as it gives unnecessary power to the Turkish regime.

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Although Brussels has repeatedly warned of compliance with the EU-Turkey Joint Declaration on Migration, Tayyip Erdogan does not appear to be moving from his provocative stance, provoking outrage from European officials, Reuters says.

According to the report, citing diplomatic sources, at a meeting this week between EU ambassadors, there was an outburst of outrage over the Turkish president’s attempt to blackmail the community by allowing immigrants to invade Greece en masse.

However, many participants acknowledged that Erdogan is holding Europe captive because its Member States cannot agree on how to deal with refugees and in order to avoid a repetition of the 2015/2016 crisis, they must “push” further money into Turkey so that they put a ceiling on the arrivals of immigrants to Europe.

“The EU is a target of blackmail.” This was stated by a diplomat during the meeting in Brussels, details of which were reported to Reuters by various diplomatic sources.

“You are sleeping with the devil and waking up in hell, this is where we are now,” said one of the ambassadors during the meeting.

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A top European diplomat said the European Union has wasted the year from the 2016 agreement to date by putting the problem under the rug by paying for refugees and immigrants to remain in Turkey.

Which countries support funding?

Among the delegates who proposed further funding to help refugees in Turkey and in the hope of Erdogan’s downfall were those from the Netherlands, Italy, France and Germany.

At the same time, while it is logical for the EU to continue to support Turkish refugees in Syria, it is even more important not to create the impression of being blackmailed, one of the diplomats said, according to sources.

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“It is so dishonest on Erdogan’s part. We cannot afford to be blackmailed so any new funding should not come very soon. But in the end we may have to pay. What else to do?” Said another diplomat who spoke to Reuters.

Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Mayo, while referring to the Turkish government’s stance, said recently that “Europe cannot accept blackmail.”


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