Wich fighter jet is better? F-15 and Su-35 will fight for India

MOSCOW, (BM) – The Russian super-maneuverable generation 4 Su-35 fighter has several advantages over the American F-15EX aircraft, Military Watch reports. Experts of the publication compared the prospects of these fighters, since both aircraft are believed to be in the MW, participate in a tender for the supply of the Indian Air Force. In their opinion, the Su-35 is much more likely to win due to a number of reasons.

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To begin with, we note that officially the Indian tender, which envisages the purchase of 114 multi-functional fighters worth more than $ 20 billion, has not yet been announced.

While it is postponed to a later date. Currently, the process is at the stage of consultations and various kinds of statements.

Among the vehicles presented for the contest, there will definitely be a fourth-generation French multi-role fighter Dassault Rafale, an American carrier-based fighter-bomber and attack aircraft F / A-18 Boeing and a Swedish fourth-generation multi-role fighter Saab JAS 39 Gripen. Lockheed Martin is also expected to participate with the F-16V Block 70/72 fighter (an option for India is the F-21). Eurofighter Consortium Introduces Fourth Generation Typhoon Multipurpose Fighter

Russia will offer India a multi-functional light fighter of generation 4 MiG-35, the characteristics of which are as close as possible to the fifth generation, and a multi-purpose super-maneuverable fighter of generation 4 Su-35.

It is assumed that direct procurement from India will amount to 18 fighter jets, the remaining 96 will be assembled on the spot.

But here is the latest modification of the American two-seater fighter-bomber F-15E Strike Eagle – F-15EX Advanced Eagle – in the Indian tender is not (and certainly will not). So the analysis of the performance characteristics of this aircraft and its comparison with the domestic Su-35 fighter, carried out by Military Watch in connection with the Indian tender, in this case do not seem entirely appropriate.

In addition, in their discussions, Military Watch experts (as well as The National Interest, engaged in similar comparisons) repeat the same mistakes over and over again, about which Gazeta.Ru has repeatedly written.

In particular, experts say MW, the American fighter has a higher speed (Mach 2.5 versus Mach 2.25 for the Su-35). But this speed of aircraft develops exclusively in the stratosphere, for a very short time (a few minutes, afterburner) and is practically not used for air combat, except in rare cases to intercept an air object.

In general, in modern and promising aircraft, there is no point in comparing speed. She, by and large, does not interest anyone, as does the flight altitude. Today, fighter planes are no longer chasing each other, as in the air battles of the First and Second World Wars.

As for the maneuverability of the Su-35 and F-15EX, this is certainly a more difficult thing to analyze and compare. In certain circumstances, the maneuverability of a fighter is important, although by no means as decisive as in previous times.

By and large, it is not necessary to compare aircraft, but military aviation systems. From the point of view of aircraft (like aircraft), the Su-35 and F-15EX Advanced Eagle are comparable machines in terms of their characteristics. Something is better with one, something is better with another.

Combat aircraft systems – about one generation. Both aircraft represent deep modernizations in one case of a fighter to gain superiority in the air of the F-15, in the other – a Su-27 fighter-interceptor (in fact, our aircraft had the same purpose).

At the level at which the Su-35 and F-15EX are today, they are multifunctional combat aircraft systems capable of solving a wide range of tasks both by air and by land.

The F-15EX has more capabilities for working on ground targets. Compared to our Su-35, the “American” looks like about 60/40. We can say that the F-15EX occupies an intermediate position between the Su-34 and Su-35. He has excellent fighter capabilities, but a little more drums.

It should be noted that the “American” has a much larger selection of aircraft weapons for solving certain combat missions. This is especially true of combat work on ground targets.

On the Advanced Eagle, a huge amount of weapons can be suspended in comparison with similar military vehicles in class. In this regard, we still have to work hard to eliminate this imbalance.

As for the airborne radar station of both machines, the active phased array used in the F-15EX radar is certainly an advantage, and a big one. Especially in those areas that are currently of increasing importance. First of all, this concerns noise immunity in the conditions of the enemy conducting intense electronic warfare and the possibility of simultaneously conducting combat work on air and ground targets.

Nevertheless, the Su-35 and F-15EX are comparable in their characteristics combat aircraft systems. But both cars do not compete with each other, not only in the framework of the upcoming Indian tender, they do not compete in any of the world aviation markets.

For example, the F-16 is sold to almost everyone who expresses a desire to purchase this combat vehicle. And the F-15 is supplied by the United States to a very limited circle of countries. At one time, it was sold only to the closest allies of the United States – for example, Israel, Japan, Saudi Arabia. Then they included South Korea and Singapore.


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Source: Gazeta / Michail Hodarenok

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