Moscow responds US exercise to counter of Russian nuclear strike

MOSCOW, (BM) – Russian politicians called the US exercises to repel a nuclear strike a provocation and a bluff, learned, citing RIA Novosti.

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Previously, the Pentagon said they had conducted exercises, the scenario of which suggested an emergency situation in Europe during the war with Russia, allegedly using low-power nuclear weapons against an object on the territory of NATO countries. During the events, the US reaction and the response by a nuclear strike against Russia were simulated. Congressmen also attended to get an idea of ​​”communication during the nuclear crisis.”

Bluffing ability

Senator Olga Covitidi said that the States are superior to all countries in the world in the ability to bluff and imitate.

“While the whole world is studying the lessons of the Yalta conference, which was held in the name of peace and demonstrated the ability to come to an agreement, the United States imitates a war with Russia. It is obvious that today the evolution of American thinking is needed, and not only in the Russian direction,” she said RBC.

The senator emphasized that only those politicians who can agree to achieve peace will remain in demand.

Member of the upper house of the Russian parliament Konstantin Kosachev told RIA Novosti that the exercises of the American troops have several goals at once. First of all, Washington is trying to maintain a degree of fear of Russia in European states. In addition, such exercises are an attempt to play with muscles in order to calm those NATO countries that are afraid to be left alone with the “Russian threat”.

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“And thirdly, it is necessary to prepare the ground for the deployment of new nuclear weapons in Europe. So that people would not just not be afraid of this, as in the late 70s, but also would ask their“ elder brother ”about it.” At the request of the workers “so to speak,” the politician summed up.

“Sick people”

Senator Sergei Tsekov said that the organizers of the exercises behaved like “sick people.” At the same time, he emphasized that after rearmament, Russia may not be afraid of aggression from any side.

“I’m very surprised, frankly, very much that they are doing this, they are also declaring it. Although, on the other hand, judging by their current state and current actions, what is there to be surprised? They probably have everything in the series of such actions.” – said Tsekov RBC.

Senator Alexei Pushkov noted the contradictions between the statements of American politicians who promise not to deploy nuclear missiles in Europe, and exercises involving the presence of this type of weapon.

“Believing should not be assurances, but the Pentagon’s military plans. An imitation of the strike is a good guide,” he tweeted.

Member of the upper house of parliament Oleg Morozov called such exercises a provocation. He recalled the content of Russian military doctrine.

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“Our military doctrine does not have the idea of ​​using the first nuclear strike. It can only be retaliatory,” he told RIA Novosti.

At the same time, the senator emphasized that Washington is trying to hint at the aggressive nature of Moscow’s actions in Europe, but this is not true.

“Attempted PR”

State Duma deputy Alexei Chepa called the incident an attempt at public relations. According to him, the organizers of the exercise tried to put pressure on other NATO members to increase contributions to the North Atlantic Alliance.

“A good PR campaign to milk Europe, which is already in a state of stagnation,” he told RIA Novosti.

LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky was also outraged by the actions of the US military. He stressed that Russia only strikes in the scenarios of the Pentagon, while the United States, in turn, regularly conduct exercises at Russian borders.

“They are standing on our borders – insolently. Like Napoleon, like Hitler. Again the same hordes, the same countries with the most terrible weapons, and they are practicing exercises – a retaliatory strike. You are conducting exercises to strike, we will retaliate,” he said politician during the awarding of the titles “Honorary Kremlin” in the Moscow Higher Combined Arms Command School, broadcast was carried out on the social network “VKontakte”.

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As a reaction, Zhirinovsky proposed conducting exercises of the Russian troops on the border of the USA and Mexico.

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