US: Russia’s S-400 systems and Resonance radars conquer the Middle East market

WASHINGTON, (BM) – A drone attack on Saudi oil refineries last September showed that the American Patriot air defense systems are not able to provide an adequate level of protection for important facilities.

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The publication National Interest in the published material admits that the Russian S-400 systems in a similar situation could show better results. Journalists also appreciated the prospects of Russian systems in the Middle East market. The translation of this material is exclusively provided by PolitRussia.

It is noted that Russia plans to sell in the Middle East radars designed to detect cruise missiles, drones, as well as hypersonic targets. This opportunity appeared after the frank failure of American air defense systems during an attack by Yemeni rebels in Saudi Arabia.

We are talking about the latest over-the-horizon radar stations “Resonance-NE”. This radar operates in the meter range, it is equipped with a phased array. This system is capable of detecting modern and promising aerial targets over long distances, including aircraft made using stealth technology.

The maximum detection range is 1100 kilometers, while the station is capable of tracking up to 500 targets. In October last year, it was reported that Russia in 2020 will begin supplying this radar to several countries in the Middle East.

National Interest admits that despite Saudi Arabia’s millions of dollars spent on the acquisition of American Patriot systems, the drone attack was not prevented. Given that these systems form the basis of US air defense, the case in Saudi Arabia raises big questions regarding the effectiveness of these vaunted installations. And Russia chose the right moment to sell its radar, in fact, beating the United States in the Middle East market.

Experts agree that the Russian S-400 would have shown the best result. The Russian system has three times the range of action, and can also work on targets moving twice as fast as those that Patriot can work with. The deployment time of the S-400 is only five minutes, and the American complex takes an hour to bring to combat readiness.

Journalists also noted that the S-400 can be paired with the Pantsir-C1 air defense system, which is capable of working for smaller targets. In tandem, two installations tightly block all the possibilities for attack.

The obvious advantages in terms of the tactical and technical characteristics of the Russian air defense systems, as well as the failure of the American Patriot complex, which manifested itself in real conditions, allowed the Russian defense industry to get buyers of its products in the countries of the Middle East region.

The real effectiveness of Russian systems, which was demonstrated in Syria, has become a decisive factor in crowding out American Patriot systems from the Middle East.

This is not the first time that products of the Russian military industry outperform US manufacturers. A similar situation is observed in Egypt. Cairo abandoned the American F-16 fighters in favor of the Russian MiG-29.

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Source: Polit Russia / Artem Shishkov

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