Russia’s drone “Hunter” has conducted a secret mission against US air defense system

MOSCOW, (BM) – The United States linked the first flight of the heavy Russian UAV Okhotnik (Hunter) with Russia’s withdrawal from the Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate and Shorter Range Missiles, learned, quoting the National Interest and

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According to The National Interest magazine, Russia even before the termination of the treaty used banned 9M729 missiles, and the stealth drone should be a hint to the United States that the Russian airborne forces are also able to break through enemy air defenses and launch a bombing bomb.

It is assumed that the “Hunter” can carry nuclear weapons – it can be both high-precision bombs, such as B-61-12, and cruise missiles.

According to Russian news agency the Russian hunter S-70 heavy unmanned aerial vehicle “Okhotnik” carried out a secret mission, the purpose of which was to test American air defense systems for a possibility of a breakthrough.

It should be clarified that previously there was no evidence that the Russian drone could be used for delivering nuclear strikes, however, the drone could very well be used for such missions, especially considering the fact that it was developed specifically as a means of covert delivery of ammunition to the enemy rear.

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Neither the US nor the Russian source reports when and where the secret intelligence mission took place, but we point out that so far the Russian strike drone has officially had two fields – both of them was test fields. recalls Russia’s latest Okhotnik (Hunter) heavy attack drone has performed its first flight with the most advanced Su-57 fighter jet at September 27, last year.

“The Okhotnik unmanned aerial vehicle has performed its first joint flight with a fifth-generation Su-57 plane. As part of the ongoing test program, the Okhotnik drone performed a flight in the automated mode in its full configuration, entering the airborne alert area,” the Russian MoD said in late september

The second flight of Russia’s Okhotnik (Hunter) was in the end of the last year, but the MoD of Russian Federation just annonced that fact without any additional data or information about the flight.

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