An air battle between Su-57 and F-35 fighter jets – how it ends?

WASHINGTON, (BM) – Journalists of the American edition of The National Interest appreciated the prospects of the latest Russian Su-57 fighter in a battle with the fifth-generation F-35 aircraft of the US Air Force, learned, quoting Polit Russia and the Natioanl Interest.

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The authors of The National Interest drew attention to the fact that Russia announced the start of mass production of Su-57 aircraft in much larger quantities than previously expected. This circumstance was a big surprise for American military experts who previously claimed that the fighter would not be produced in sufficient quantities to pose a significant threat to the West.

Experts decided to simulate a scenario in which the Russian Su-57 will face off against the American F-35 in battle. According to them, a detailed version of developments in the conditions of modern war is practically impossible, since it does not take into account the presence of air defense systems and other fighters and aircraft.

“It is clear that the F-35, when meeting face-to-face with the Su-57, will try to break away from it, since the American aircraft is not intended for operations to ensure air superiority. That is why the latest US Air Force fighters are usually accompanied by F-22 Raptors” the authors of The National Interest note.

The F-35 was designed as an attack fighter that penetrates enemy airspace to destroy vital infrastructure. Su-57 is designed to perform a wider range of tasks to ensure air superiority. He is faster and more maneuverable than his opponent, and also boasts a more reliable range of short-range air-to-air weapons. In this regard, American pilots will have to dodge the battle and “run away” in order to save their plane.

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American analysts stated that they see no reason why the Su-57 could lose the F-35 in a 1-on-1 battle. It’s hard to imagine that these planes will ever meet each other in real combat in the circumstances described.

Earlier, PolitRussia quoted experts from the Chinese publication Sohu, who predicted Japan’s defeat in a military conflict with Russia.

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Source: Polit Russia