Pakistan successfully tested Hatf-3 ballistic missile

ISLAMABAD, (BM) – Pakistan successfully tested the Hatf-3 ballistic missile on Thursday, learned according the Daily Times report citing the country’s armed forces.

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The start-up was part of the exercises of the command of the Strategic Army Forces aimed at developing operational readiness procedures. As noted by the country’s armed forces, the Hatf-3 range is up to 290 kilometers.

Hatf-3 or the “Ghaznavi” is a surface to surface short range ballistic missile designed and developed by the National Development Complex, with the first version in service with the Pakistan Army’s strategic command since 2004.

With an optimal range of 290 km, it is named after the 11th century Muslim Turkic conqueror Mahmud of Ghazni. The word Hatf means deadly or vengeance in Arabic.

It entered service with the Pakistan Army in 2012 after a successful launch conducted by ASFC (Army Strategic Command Force) on May 10, 2012.

The Hatf-III is “Scud” type ballistic missile. The missile could carry nuclear and conventional warheads to a range of 290 km. The Hatf III was the second nuclear-capable missile test-fired by the Pakistan army in less than two weeks, since India’s launch of Agni-V.

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The missile has a length of 9.64m, diameter of 0.99 m, launch weight of 5256 kg and is powered by a single stage solid fuel rocket motor. It is believed influenced from a Chinese design, the M-11 (NATO reporting name: CSS-7).

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Source: RIA Novosti, Wikipedia


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