Haftar’s militias bomb Tripoli’s Airport; MiG-31BM in aerial battle; Iran’s IRG has a new commander

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Libya: Haftar’s militias bomb Tripoli’s Mitiga Airport

Libyan government forces announced on Wednesday that the militias of warlord Khalifa Haftar bombed the Mitiga International Airport in the capital Tripoli, in a new breach of the Jan. 12 cease-fire.

Mohamed Qanounu, spokesman for the forces of the UN-recognized Government of National Accord (GNA), said in a statement that the militias bombed the airport with six Grad missiles.

Qanounu did not give further details on human or material losses.

“The bombing is a flagrant threat to the air navigation movement, and a new and repeated breach of the ceasefire by Haftar’s militias,” he added.

On Jan. 12, the conflict parties announced a cease-fire in response to a joint call by the Turkish and Russian leaders. But the talks for a permanent cease-fire deal ended without an agreement after Haftar left Moscow without signing the deal.

On Sunday, Haftar accepted in Berlin to designate members to a UN-proposed military commission with five members from each side to monitor implementation of the cease-fire.

But reports said on Tuesday that forces loyal to Haftar once again violated the fragile cease-fire with the UN-recognized government, firing mortar shells on southern areas of the capital.

Russia’s MiG-31BM interceptor fighters hold dogfight in stratosphere in Siberia drills

The crews of MiG-31BM high-altitude supersonic interceptor fighters of Russia’s Central Military District held an aerial battle with a notional enemy in the stratosphere during tactical flight drills in Central Siberia, the District’s press office reported on Wednesday.

“An aerial battle involving six interceptor fighters became the basic element of the drills. The interceptor fighters stayed at a distance of 200 meters from each other and controlled a 600 km section of the airspace at an altitude of 17,000 meters,” the press office said in a statement.

The pilots also practiced various piloting elements in the entire range of altitudes at speeds of 1,500 km/h to 3,000 km/h, the statement says.

The aircraft crews employed the Zaslon onboard radars to spot the intruders. These radars are capable of automatically tracking low-signature air targets without the help of ground-based air defense capabilities. After detecting the targets, the pilots aimed and electronically launched air-to-air missiles, the press office specified.

New Quds Force deputy is Iran’s missile man in Lebanon

Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Quds Force has a new deputy commander and he was the key to Hezbollah’s precision missile project. Mohammed Hejazi was previously a high ranking IRGC commander, a suppressor of protests in Iran and had been under Qasem Soleimani’s command as the central figure in Iran’s operations in Lebanon.

According to a public IDF report released in August 2019 Hejazi was involved in Hezbollah’s precision guided missile project in Lebanon. The report said that he was an IRGC operative, commander of Iran’s precision guided missile project in Lebanon and directly commands Iranian personnel in Lebanon.” He has been in Lebanon for years, according to Iranian media sources and reports online at various regional media. Prior to going to Lebanon for the IRGC he was involved in research and logistics, making him keenly aware of how Iran moves its missiles to groups like Hezbollah. Ynet reported he was also linked to the 1994 AMIA bombing of the Jewish community center in Argentina.

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