Trump has lied -11 US soldiers were injured as a result of Iran’s missile strike

WASHINGTON, (BM) – As a result of Iran’s strike at Ain al-Assad base in Iraq on January 8, 11 US troops were injured, , learned, quoting Defense One report.

According to his sources at the Pentagon, this week they were taken to a military hospital in Germany for examination.

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At the headquarters of the US-led operation, “Unshakable Determination”, which is being carried out in Iraq and Syria, information from the sources confirmed.

“As previously stated, not a single US soldier was killed during Iran’s attack on Ain al-Assad base on January 8. Nevertheless, several military men were assisted in connection with the symptoms of shell shock from the explosion, they are still being examined,” the publication quotes the words of the official representative of the operation headquarters, Colonel Miles Kaggins.

As the representative of the press service of the Central Command of the United States, Bill Urban, quoted by Reuters, the victims were sent to Germany and Kuwait. He assured that after recovery, military personnel will be able to return to Iraq.

At the same time, the Pentagon previously claimed that as a result of the Iranian bombardment of the air base in Iraq, none of the Americans was injured.

The absence of casualties after hitting US bases in Iraq was explained by Iranian general Amir Ali Hajizade. According to him, Tehran did not launch missile attacks with the aim of killing American soldiers. As Hajizadeh explained, Iran sought to damage Washington’s war machine.

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The general announced that rocket attacks were the start of a series of attacks on US bases throughout the region. He said that the real expulsion for the assassination of General Kassem Suleimani, commander of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), will be the expulsion of the United States from the entire Middle East.

Earlier, the Iranian strike on American bases was deliberately delivered past targets, media reported.

As noted by the Welt publication, US troops were warned in advance about future shelling so that they could take cover. In addition, most missiles fell away from targets. “More like a peace offer than a deadly offensive. At the same time, the Islamic Republic retained its face,” the publication drew attention.

As a result of such an attack, the bases received minimal damage and managed to do without casualties. As suggested in Welt, Tehran thus shows that it wants to avoid further escalation of the conflict and is not interested in a total confrontation between the world superpower.

The Iranian military attacked US bases in Iraq on January 8 as part of Operation Martyr Suleimani. The attack was reported by Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Relations Jonathan Hoffman. The Pentagon spokesman said that the Islamic Republic launched more than a dozen ballistic missiles in the direction of military facilities in the United States.

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Later, Rudaw, citing Iraqi sources, reported that a missile strike damaged several fighters deployed at the Ein al-Assad air base. According to other information provided by Al-Hadath, some planes were destroyed.

Soon after the attack, Iranian media reported that 80 people were killed at the bases. But Washington denied this information. US President Donald Trump himself after the attack said that “everything is in order.”

In the course of his appeal to fellow citizens, he announced the intention of the American side to impose new severe economic sanctions against Tehran, which will continue until Iran “changes its behavior.”

The head of state stressed that the United States continues to study possible answers to the Islamic Republic. At the same time, the president assured that Washington would not use military power.

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Iran’s attack on US bases has retaliated for the January 3 killing of an Iranian general by the United States. On the night of this day, the Americans carried out a special operation, the victims of which were Kassem Suleimani and the deputy head of the Iraqi Shiite militia Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis. The U.S. explained the attack by saying that they were involved in organizing the assault on the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad on December 31, 2019.

A protest rally was held at the diplomatic mission of the United States after US forces attacked the Shiite Kataib Hezbollah in Syria and Iraq.

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