Russia’s Avangard hypersonic weapon cannot be stopped, Norway says

OSLO, (BM) – Russia deployed weapons aimed directly at the United States. None of the known defense systems are able to stop this rocket. The weapon is called “Avangard”, and the first two samples took up combat duty during the Christmas holidays. This is the so-called hypersonic glider.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin argues that the arms system can circumvent both current and future missile defense.

“Today we have a unique situation in our new and recent history: they are catching up with us. Not a single country today has hypersonic weapons at all, and continental-range hypersonic weapons – all the more so,” Putin said in a statement to Reuters.

The commander of the Strategic Missile Forces, General Sergey Karakaev, said on December 27 that the missiles were deployed in the divisions of the Orenburg region.

“Avangard” can carry a nuclear charge with a capacity of two megatons. The missile can be equipped with a conventional warhead.

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Super speed

The Russians claim that Avangard is the fastest kinetic weapon system known in the world. As Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov told Zvezda, a rocket develops a speed exceeding the speed of sound by 27 times.

This is nine kilometers per second.

There are faster weapon systems, but they are laser.

Have doubts

“The Avangard system belongs to the category of Russian weapons systems, whose technical characteristics and intended use raise considerable doubts,” said Ina Holst-Pedersen Kvam, a researcher at the Naval Academy.

Former Minister of Defense Sergei Ivanov said that the Avangard is constantly changing direction and altitude, so it is impossible to calculate the exact position of the rocket.

Canvas-Pedersen Kwam believes that the Kremlin exaggerates the characteristics of the system.

“Apparently, they are faced with the goal of strengthening the authority of Russian deterrence systems. If this confuses Western experts along the way, then we get a kind of pleasant bonus,” the Norwegian expert believes.

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Beat the Americans

It is assumed that Russian weapons will operate at an altitude of less than 100 kilometers – below the border of space.

US missile defense is built primarily on the destruction of enemy ballistic weapons in space. That is, the system is imprisoned against weapons that cannot escape a strike.

Avangard works at other heights where these defense systems are not so effective.

The Americans have two missile defense systems, designed to defeat missiles in the atmosphere on approach to the target. However, to successfully hit these systems, the Patriot and the THAAD, you need a predictable course that can be calculated.

But the Avangard is a glider, which means it can quickly change course.

No faith in the Americans

The Russians have long been betting on weapons systems against which the US missile defense system will be powerless – although the Americans themselves claim that their missile defense is aimed exclusively at countries like North Korea and Iran.

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“Their arguments do not matter to Russia, because in Russian assessments of threats, missile defense can neutralize Russian nuclear weapons in a potential conflict,” Kwam-Can Pedersen believes

Hypersonic weapons

It is known that hypersonic weapons are developed by the USA, China and India. A hypersonic weapon is one whose speed is five times or more higher than the speed of sound.

The American program has been ongoing for 17 years, but has not yet yielded concrete results.

The Americans are betting on precision precision weapons at extremely high speeds. This will allow them to attack the target immediately upon detection.

New type engines

Hypersonic weapons like the Avangard are accelerated by a conventional rocket, after which their own engine starts. According to the military magazine “Jane’s” (Jane’s), “Avangard” will use a solid-fuel ramjet engine.

This new system is significantly different from the usual American, which use liquid fuel.

In a ramjet engine, air is pumped at high speed into the front of the engine and used to burn fuel. The exhaust gases exit through the nozzle and create traction. Jet thrust allows you to achieve very high speeds – but it is difficult to achieve, including due to unstable combustion and high temperatures.

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If the Russians really created hypersonic weapons with the stated speed, this means that they have solved a number of fundamental engineering problems.

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Author: Hallvard Sandberg

Original title: NRK (Norway): the new Russian weapons, apparently, cannot be stopped
Source: Inosmi

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