Russian fighter Su-57 continues to ‘fall down’ – losses from Chinese J-20 in battle of height

BEIJING, (BM) – According to Chinese news agencies, a fifth-generation Russian fighter is seriously inferior to a Chinese combat aircraft in high-altitude combat, learned

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It is reported that the Russian combat aircraft was never able to “keep up” with the Chinese Chengdu J-20 in a battle at high altitude, having lost almost twice as much in this parameter.

“Russia is a world leader in the field of engine building, and their engines are better than in the United States of America. A distinctive feature of the Russian Su-35 fighter is its ability to climb. However, this was not fully demonstrated on the Su-57. Later, data verified by a specialist showed that the maximum elevation of the Su-57 was 20,000 meters. China is the latest of the three countries that began to create a fifth generation fighter, but the technologies and equipment used are at the forefront in the world, especially when climbing the J-20, it has shown good results and the maximum lift height has actually reached 35,000 m. Since the J-20 was developed relatively late, it benefited from the ability to use more modern equipment and therefore was ahead of other fighters,” said the Sohu publication.

Specialists, by the way, questioned the arguments of the Sohu journalists, emphasizing that for this type of fighter, a climb to a height of more than 20 kilometers is not at all advisable.

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“The Chinese J-20 is not a fighter-interceptor at all, and therefore flying at an altitude of 35 kilometers is not an indicator to brag about. The PRC does not have weapons for fifth-generation fighters that would give them an advantage when fighting at such heights, however, this property can allow China to bypass some air defense equipment, thereby climbing directly into the enemy’s rear,” the specialist notes.

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