Chinese air defense systems intercepted F-35s in Iraqi airspace, sources said

BEIJING, (BM) – In connection with the appearance in China of Syria long-range Chinese radars (up to 450 kilometers – approx.ed.), The information publication Sina announced that the main reason for deploying JYL-1 and J-27VHF radars here was the need to protect Russian air defense systems S -300 and S-400 air defense systems from possible attacks by American and Israeli F-35s.

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“The strategic location of the M4 road connecting Latakia and Idlib is important, and deploying the JYL-1 radar at this location will help Syrian government forces obtain airspace information and provide command to the Syrian government forces and combat aircraft of the Russian aerospace forces. The JYL-1 can detect invisible fighters such as the F-35,” Sina Military reports.

Moreover, another publication reports that Chinese air defense systems were even able to intercept the American F-35s in Iraqi airspace.

“The most outstanding achievement of the JYL1 long-range radar is the blocking of American F-35 fighters. With the growth of US and Israeli operations, F-35 stealth fighters are still appearing in Syria and surrounding areas. The Syrian government army used the JYL-1 system to intercept an F-35 fighter who tried to cross the border,” Sohu said in a statement.

Experts note that the Russian S-300 and S-400 may well detect stealth targets in the eastern and central parts of Syria, however, thanks to integration with Chinese radars, the same F-35 fighters can be detected even on approach, since statements of the Chinese radar developers, they are able to detect stealth targets at distances of about 250-300 kilometers.

Read more: Russia’s S-400 air defense systems will help Iran shoot down American F-35 fighters cannot confirm the accuracy of this information as there is no official statement from the Chinese government, neither the Russian nor the US. We refer solely to the source of the Sohu information agency.

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