‘A strike will be struck’ – Iran is ready to defend its interests from the USA

TEHRAN, (BM) – Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has warned that Tehran is ready to defend its position and confront those who threaten the country. In addition, he condemned the actions of the US Air Force, which attacked five sites of the Shiite organization Kataib Hezbollah in Iraq and Syria, learned BulgarianMilitary.com.

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According to the supreme Iranian leader, Washington with its attacks takes revenge on the Shiite militia for the fight against the Islamic State terrorist organization (the organization is banned in Russia), which is banned in Russia.

At the same time, Khamenei paid special attention to the fact that Tehran, although it does not seek war, is ready to defend its interests.

Everyone needs to know that Iran is not striving for war, but anyone who threatens the interests, greatness and progress of the Iranian nation will immediately be hit hard,” RIA Novosti quoted him as saying on the official website of the Supreme Leader. Iran.

Thus, Khamenei responded to a statement by US leader Donald Trump, who had previously warned that Iran would “pay a very high price” in case something happened to the US embassy in Iraq. The fact is that Trump is sure that it was the Iranian side that was involved in the protests in Baghdad. However, the US president noted that he did not want to enter into a military conflict with Iran.

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A day earlier, in the capital of Iraq, in the very center of the city, protests began at the building of the American diplomatic mission. Hundreds of protesters attacked the embassy, ​​demanding its closure and the withdrawal of US troops from the country.

Protesters threw stones and bottles of water at the building, set fire to the gates, broke surveillance cameras and painted graffiti walls in support of Hezbollah. Part of the demonstrators managed to penetrate the guarded perimeter of the embassy, ​​tear gas was used against them.

As previously reported by the international media, because of the security threat to the US ambassador to Baghdad, Matthew Tuller was taken from the city in an unknown direction. Some embassy staff also allegedly left the city. However, later the State Department announced that the ambassador would return to work after a vacation. They also noted that there were no plans to evacuate the embassy staff.

According to the head of the Pentagon, Mark Esper, about 750 people were sent to Iraq for additional protection of the embassy and the protection of personnel of the US diplomatic mission, reports RBC’s owned by Grigory Berezkin. According to Al Mayadeen, on January 1, protests near the diplomatic mission building continued.

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Protests, as noted by a number of foreign media outlets, arose due to the fact that a few days earlier the United States attacked several objects of the Shiite group. As a result of this, according to Hezbollah supporters, 25 people were killed and more than 50 were injured.

Washington explained his actions with a retaliatory strike. According to the American authorities, shortly before that, Hezbollah attacked the positions of coalition forces in Iraq, where American troops are located. And supposedly one US military died. It was noted that Iran has a strong influence on neighboring Iraq: the main population of this country is Shiite Muslims. “Iran uses the opportunity to use its secret networks in Iraq to push the United States to leave the country,” the Jerusalem Post said in a statement.

The fact that the organization of the protests at the US embassy is “terrorists and allies of Iran,” said US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo earlier.

“The attack was planned by the terrorists Abu Mahdi al-Muhendis [deputy commander of Shiite groups Al-Hashd al-Shaabi] and Qais al-Qazali, aided by the allies of Iran, Hadi al-Amari and Faleh al-Fayyad,” the American official wrote on his Twitter page.

At the same time, the Secretary of State attached photographs of the alleged organizers to the record, which were recorded during the riots at the American embassy.

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At the same time, on Fox News, he noticed that the United States was not going to withdraw its troops from Iraq, as protesters at the diplomatic mission demand.

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