Earth and civilians suffer from hundreds of military exercises each year

LONDON, (BM) – Military drills are common nowadays. If we think about it army has two modes. The first mode is being at piece and the second mode is the one you don’t want to see ever which is war. And the army is made for one reason only ­­- to protect the country from the outside danger.

However, nowadays they also represent the interests of a country on different levels. It appears that armies are important to every country. Napoleon Bonaparte one of the greatest commanders in history once said that those countries that aren’t feeding their army will feed a foreign one.

So thank God most of the armies are in peaceful mode. And the only thing they can and must do is to prepare for any outcome of political actions and use that “switch” between the modes as fast as they can. In order to do so they conduct drills and show off their power. But that gives a lot of disturbance for locals.

For example a part of B-52 Stratofortress US bomber separated during a training mission over western England, almost hit a woman’s house and it crashed in her front yard with a loud noise, luckily nobody got hit.

Some civilians might not understand the real effort given by the service men due to the inconveniences made by the drills. The only thing they see is a lot of mess and noise. Heavy vehicles can be the reason for traffic jams or land distraction and so the farmers complain about it being ripped up by those vehicles.

According to Daily mail, in Norway “More than 400 complaints have been made about NATO soldiers making a mess after the largest joint exercises since the Cold War”. There were complaints about soldiers relieving themselves near kindergartens and leisure facilities, military vehicles jamming the traffic and some sources report that local bars and restaurants had to over work and went almost beer dry under the onslaught of military men within first weeks.

Not to mention the harm done to the nature. Basically due to the military vehicles exhaust gas. It is no secret that it takes a lot of petrol to make a massive car to move, now during the trainings lots and lots of fuel is burnt in order to move dozens of massive tanks, armored vehicles and military trucks which leads to polluting the air.

NATO exercises are obviously the reason for rising tensions in the region of the drills.

After exercises in the Black Sea the negative impact on the ecology of the region has taken place. Environmental protection activists declared a mass death of fishes and birds in the area due to the use of electronic equipment, oil pollution and noise

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Author: Steve Roberts

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect BGM`s editorial stance.