Russia warned of a threat from the East – Japan can create 6,000 nuclear bombs

MOSCOW, (BM) – Japan can quickly enter the nuclear club. According to Chinese media, Tokyo can now produce thousands of nuclear bombs. Experts believe that Japan with nuclear technology can create nuclear weapons quickly enough. Although, to do this for her for certain reasons is not very simple. But if Japan creates a nuclear bomb, then Russia will have a very formidable adversary.

Japan could potentially become a nuclear power. According to the Chinese edition of Sohu, under the pretext of developing nuclear power plants, the “hiding” Japan managed to accumulate nuclear fuel, the reserves of which are enough to create six thousand bombs. To produce one nuclear warhead, about 8 kg of plutonium is needed. The publication called on neighboring countries of Japan, including Russia, to be vigilant.

The publication notes that the United States has restrained the development of Japan over the past few decades, but the country of the rising sun has managed to become a powerful economic power. The Japanese also have a growing desire to play a more active role in the international arena and challenge the five permanent members of the UN Security Council.

Despite the fact that the country is prohibited from developing nuclear weapons, it has taken a leading position in the world in the use of nuclear technology, and has entered the top ten countries in terms of combat effectiveness. “If the war starts, Japan will be able to quickly create nuclear weapons using its nuclear material. (…) For several years, Japan managed to hide this fact, and many countries were in the dark, including the United States,” concludes the publication.

The first calls to return to research in the production of such weapons were made in 2006 in connection with a series of nuclear tests in North Korea. As the then Foreign Minister, Taro Aso, stated, “Japan has the technology to create nuclear weapons, but does not plan to do this.” Moreover, the press circulated reports on the existence of a government document allowing the creation of “small nuclear warheads.”

Back when he was the US presidential candidate, Donald Trump said that Japan could acquire its own nuclear weapons for self-defense. About the same in the mid-zero said the former commander of the United States Navy in the Pacific, Vice Admiral John Bird. According to him, the Japanese constitution “does not prohibit it from having nuclear weapons” if its volumes “do not exceed the framework for solving self-defense tasks”. And such a weapon would be an additional factor in the confrontation between the Japanese-American alliance with the DPRK and with China.

In recent years, there has been tension between China and Japan over situations in the South China Sea. Beijing and Tokyo lay claim to the Senkaku Islands (Chinese name Diaoyudao).

Officially, the United States possesses nuclear weapons (since 1945), Russia (originally the Soviet Union: since 1949), Great Britain (1952), France (1960), China (1964), India (1974), Pakistan (1998), and North Korea ( 2006). In addition, Israel is considered an unspoken nuclear power, but the country does not officially confirm this information. The Americans insist that Iran approached the creation of a nuclear bomb, which allegedly conducted the corresponding developments under the pretext of developing a peaceful atom.

Even if the Japanese decide to acquire a nuclear bomb, they will be the first to oppose the United States, which does not want to release a genie from a bottle. “The USA has already fought with Japan in the Pacific Ocean during the Second World War and suffered decent losses. If Japan acquires such weapons, it will cease to be reliably tied to the United States. So, Japan, most likely, doesn’t possess nuclear weapons from geopolitical and technological points of view,” the member of the Russian Academy of Missile and Artillery Sciences Konstantin Sivkov is sure.

In addition, the Japanese have no means of delivery of such weapons. “The Japanese can create appropriate rocket technology. But at present, Japan does not have tactical range missiles of its own production. The country has a very mediocre Mitsubishi F-1 fighter bomber. All aviation, air defense and other equipment are American-made. Combat radio electronics is also American … Thus, the US keeps Japan on a short leash,” Sivkov explained.

“Japan is an extremely vulnerable country in terms of demography. Its population is only slightly inferior in size to the Russian one, 124 million against 146 million. But ours over what vast territory live, and the Japanese on a small island, which is under the threat of serious geophysical shocks. Japan is accompanied by constant earthquakes, tsunami threats. The Japanese are forced to protect every piece of land. Therefore, they need new territories. If they get nuclear weapons, they will begin to blackmail them all. In the case of the creation of intercontinental ballistic missiles, they can even begin to threaten the United States,” the source believes.

Sivkov recalled that at the beginning of the 20th century, the Japanese were considered a very reliable ally of the Americans, and a few decades later the country was already waging war against the United States. “So Japan is a country that can deploy in a fairly short time to a completely different direction,” Konstantin Sivkov summed up.

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Andrey Rezchikov
Original title: Russia warned of a nuclear threat from the east
Source: Vzglyad

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