NATO No More

WASHINGTON, (BM) – NATO is one of the greatest organizations in the world made for keeping piece and protect the good citizens of allied states. Those must respond effectively to the threats NATO faces and keep the promise of collective defense according to Article 5 of the Washington Treaty. An act against one means an act against all, that’s the concept that gives NATO a certain role in the world and making it a strong competition for others like Russia and China.

But the disturbing events come from within the NATO. Emmanuel Macron, a president of France one of NATO’s member states criticized NATO by saying that it’s “Brain dead” referring to President Donald Trump that European countries could no longer rely on the United States to defend NATO. However the Estonian president Kersti Kaljulaid said that NATO is functioning fine, no allied state had been attacked during the alliance , and that it’s a great shield against danger from the East. But, as far as it goes Kersti Kaljulaid was seeking for possibilities for creating an alternative for NATO. And he was working for territorial defense with other Baltic states and Finland.

More to that, Turkey a member state of NATO is acting on it’s own recently without consulting with its allies. It has been very intense between Kurds and Turkey. One is considered to be a terrorist group by another. And it’s obvious that Turkey wanted to push them away from the boarder. Mr. Erdogan could not reach out to the agreement with the USA, later the allied Syrian forces said it had been “stabbed in the back” by the US.

After the operation Turkey and Syria asked Russia for help. And they agreed on the territory to control. Of course these whole actions were taken without any consultation with the rest of the NATO states.

NATO used to be not only an organization dedicated to keeping piece, but an idea of global security, tolerance and respect. This was starting as some “political brotherhood” with common political sense and ideas. But now it appears that every state is on its own.

David Bercuson Canadian Global Affairs Institute Program Director said last year : “Disquieting events are beginning to shake the North Atlantic Treaty Organization from within, and no sign yet that NATO is preparing itself to deal with the rise of political autarchy in states such as Romania, Poland and Turkey and perhaps a few more, mostly from what used to be Warsaw Pact countries.”

It’s hard and unnecessary to keep this kind of alliance, if one has doubts weather to trust its allies then there’s no point in being allied at all. In Fact EU’s states have enough resources to actually form another military cooperated organization and act separated from the USA and its political course.

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Author: Steve Roberts

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect BGM`s editorial stance.