Russian Air Force Killed a Senior Islamic State Leader Hussain Junaid al-Amriki

MOSCOW, (BM) – On Saturday, Russian Air Force bombers killed a senior Islamic State facilitation leader named Hussain Junaid al-Amriki during an air raid on a hospital in Idlib Province, Syria, learned

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Russian leaders are triumphing the move as an important contribution to the ongoing campaign against the terrorist group.

The Russian bombers unexpectedly killed al-Amriki during a routine strike against a Syrian hospital where he was apparently seeking medical treatment.

Russian officials noted that Western forces would never be brave enough carry out a similar strike on an unarmed and disabled target in a medical facility. “During our wars in Chechnya, we specialized in destroying terrorists with precision strikes when they least expected them, mostly when they were in the toilet. This was a brilliant strategy invented by President Putin himself. Striking Islamic State fighters in hospitals is simply a good idea,” a senior military official told reporters.

According to Russian government sources, al-Amriki was infamous for his role in Islamic State propaganda videos and attacks on the West and his removal will significantly degrade the Islamic State’s global reach. A Russian intelligence official called his removal a “major step forward in the campaign against Daesh,” using another name for the group. The official argued al-Amriki was “way more important than Baghdadi or whoever the Americans claim to have killed. We had never even heard of that guy.”

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Counterrerorism experts pushed back, noting that none of them had previously encountered an Islamic State leader named Hussain Junaid al-Amriki. “I think they’re making it up. This would not be the first time the Russians claimed to have killed someone who didn’t exist,” said Adam Damon, a counterterrorism expert at the Center for Strategic Analysis. “The name sounds like a mashup of a couple of other terrorists, all of whom are dead, as far as I know.”

Russian officials dismissed these allegations and said they were motivated by a desire to undermine Russia’s contribution to the war on terror. “Why else would we possibly bomb a hospital if there was not a single terrorist there?” one official noted.

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