Syrian Heat is Dangerous for the Russian Weapons, US Magazine Said

WASHINGTON, (BM) – Extreme temperatures affect the performance and characteristics of any weapon, and Russian developments in the Middle East had to deal with this, learned, quoting The National Interest, an American magazine.

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Most of Syria is covered with deserts, and Russia had no experience creating systems for use in such climatic conditions.

Such problems were told by the head of the Russian Tactical Missile Arms Corporation (KTRV) Boris Obnosov in an interview with the Kommersant newspaper. He declared: “I will not hide: in real combat conditions, various flaws were discovered. For us, the Syrian campaign has become a serious test.”

Obnosov tried to convince the Ministry of Defense to use guided bombs instead of free-falling bombs, even if they are more expensive. But the military talked about the sufficient effectiveness of simple bombs used by modern bombers. However weapon without correction is subject to external influences and may miss.

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Obnosov also complained about the lack of Russia’s own landfills that mimic the climatic conditions of Syria – heat, haze from the ground, wind and sand storms. Prior to the start of the Syrian operation, it was not possible to test weapons in such conditions. In Syria, it was possible to establish that due to mirages the laser illumination of the target can “float away”. Semi-active laser-guided systems are considered the most accurate – but their actual effectiveness depends on the transparency of the atmosphere.

“The more complicated the weapon, the more it took to think about why something went wrong, why, under ideal conditions, the target was hit normally, but suddenly there. And this is a very serious question.”

The wars in Vietnam and the Middle East were a testing ground for the development of new US weapons. Russia takes the opportunity and uses the conflict in Syria to test its development. Tests are aircraft, helicopters, missiles and robotic systems.

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For example, based on the experience of the Syrian war, combat helicopters were modified. The TASS news agency reported: the Ministry of Defense expressed a desire to obtain aviation weapons with a longer firing range, to improve the characteristics of the helicopters themselves, to duplicate the necessary systems and reduce the preparation time for the departure. The general director of Russian Helicopters Andrei Boginsky spoke of dozens of necessary improvements.

New weapons always have flaws that cannot be identified before actual combat use. Now it’s clear: earlier, someone had to understand that the Syrian climate is very different from the Russian one. For this, weapons tests in battles are necessary.

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On the VO side, we note: the Syrian operation has indeed become a good platform for testing our weapons. 22 September Minister of Defense S. Shoigu uncovered new details of such tests. 12 promising samples did not cope with the tasks – they were removed from production and from weapons. 300 types of products after application in Syria have undergone modernization and improved their quality. Weapons and equipment are tested in all available conditions and are constantly improved.

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