US Journalist: Could Russian MiG-35 Fighter Kill an F-22 or F-35 in Combat?

WASHINGTON, (BM) – In the American edition The National Interest material was released that talks about the Russian fighter generation 4++ MiG-35.

The author writes that Russia has intensified its work on the MiG-35 in connection with the approaching life of the MiG-29 fighter.

The article itself has a resounding title: “Is the MiG-35 the destroyer of the F-35 or F-22?”

At the same time, the article asks the question: “With all the characteristics of the MiG-35, is it so far from being considered a fifth generation fighter?”

The NI article quotes Russian President Vladimir Putin, where he notes that the MiG-35 is a unique multi-role fighter that is very close to the 5 generation of combat aircraft.

Data is also provided from Russian official sources, where it was noted that the MiG-35 is capable of carrying various types of weapons on board, including air-to-air missiles, and the KAB-500 corrected bombs. It is noted that bombs can be induced using laser technology, as well as using satellite and telemetry. The author on the NI pages notes that “because of this, there was confusion after the statements of the leadership of the United Aircraft Corporation that the aircraft has a laser weapons”. The American author says that it was precisely about the weapon guidance system.

From the article: “Although the concept of “4 ++ generation” in the absolute sense does not mean much, it is not difficult to understand why Mikoyan’s design bureau insists precisely on this characteristic of the MiG-35. They want to present it as not just an iteration, but a huge technical leap in comparison with the MiG-29, which is successful. It seems reasonable to draw such a stark distinction between fighters separated by more than forty years. However, this story of a significant improvement is somewhat complicated by the many versions of the MiG-29 released in previous decades. For example, many elements of the MiG-35 can be traced to various versions of the MiG-29, including the MiG-29K”.

At the same time, the author calls the MiG-35 “a very combat-ready Russian aircraft, which shows the dynamics of the development of the aerospace industry in Russia.”

But it should be noted that the author of the material – Mark Episkopos – does not directly and unequivocally answer his own question about the MiG-35 as “the destroyer of the F-35 and F-22.”

Apparently, the final phrase that the aircraft is very combat-ready, according to Episkopos, will itself give an answer to this question.

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Original title: National Interest: Is the MiG-35 the “destroyer” of the F-35 and F-22?
Source: Topwar and National Interest

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect BGM`s editorial stance.